Online Dating: A Guy I Matched With Brags About His Job And Income?

Online Dating: A Guy I Matched With Brags About His Job And Income?

Bragging is a form of insecurity.

Your match from a dating app brags about his job and income, believing it would impress you.

Normally, this means that he is overcompensating for something.

Bragging about his job and income makes him feel worthy, but if you were to look at other areas of his life, there are issues.

When he brags, he deceives himself into believing that there is no need to address other areas of his life that are deficient.

It could be a number of areas.

Bragging about his job and income covers up for those deficiencies.

Deficiencies such as not having an interesting personality.

Not having a good relationship with family members.

An absence of close friends in his life.

An inability to empathize with others nor express his emotions, which speaks to an absence of emotional intelligence.

Whatever the areas he is deficient in, he is using his job and income as a way to overlook and overcome them.

You have to be smart about this.

Some women get caught up on the knowledge that a man has a good paying job and income.

This blinds them to what lies beneath the surface.

As he takes them on expensive dates and buys them expensive gifts, they excuse his bragging for confidence.

Heavily influenced by what he has purchased for them during their courtship, they cast a blind eye to other areas of deficiency they have picked up on.

She has been around him enough now to know that he isn’t a good listener and seems to revert back to talking about himself.

Normally a topic around money or his job.

She comes up with an excuse for this behavior, telling herself that he will get better at it in time.

After all, look at the expensive Gucci bag he bought her last week.

It’s tough for a good number of women to get past the idea that a guy who is spending this much money on them doesn’t care about them.

So, regardless of whatever deficiencies in his personality they experience as he is courting them, they find an excuse to ignore it.

Getting blinded by his money is an express ticket to heartbreak.

A guy like this sees a woman he is courting as his new toy.

The spending he does on her isn’t out of the goodness of his heart.

It is to further convince himself that he need not address other areas in his life and personality that are deficient.

As long as he spends on a woman and she responds with glowing appreciation, he is the perfect guy.

This means that in accepting his supposed generosity, you are inadvertently telling him that what he is doing is perfectly fine.

Inevitably, men like this get bored.

Being that their financial generosity to the woman was never based on how much they liked her and more so based on an insecurity, it doesn’t take long before he feels an inescapable desire to move on.

He is hungry for someone new to brag to so as to keep his ego fed.

Unfortunately, by this point, the woman has developed strong feelings for him and is heartbroken when he stops returning her calls.

Don’t be this woman.

A guy who brags about his job and income, or anything else for that matter, is often hiding an insecurity.

Before stronger feelings arise, making it that much harder for you to detach, it’s best not to get involved with a guy like this.