Online Dating: Do Guys Get Turned Off By A Girl That Puts Effort Into Texting Conversations?

Online Dating: Do Guys Get Turned Off By A Girl That Puts Effort Into Texting Conversations?

He is suddenly not text messaging you anymore after a week or so of consistent messaging on a dating site.

The conversations were robust and fun.

You were as enthused to answer his questions as you were in asking him questions about himself too.

After all that, he has stopped text messaging you out of nowhere.

Now you are wondering whether you did too much or that you showed too much enthusiasm in how you talked to him.

Were you too overeager in your efforts in text conversations?

You weren’t.

It’s not that you turned him off by your effort, it’s more so that he didn’t feel the right kind of romantic spark with you.

Although the text conversations were robust and fun, he was waiting for that extra spark to occur.

It seemed promising on the outset, that is why he stuck around for about a week or so.

He was waiting for that romantic kick and it never came.

It is possible for two people to have robust and fun text conversations with each other but not have romantic chemistry.

Of course, you weren’t thinking in this vain when you were having these text conversations with him online.

It felt like you were connecting and seeing eye to eye on a number of topics.

The laughter was frequent and the text conversations flowed with ease.

In your mind, everything was headed in a direction that looked like a date was imminent.

That didn’t happen.

He stopped texting you back all of a sudden, leaving you scratching your head in bewilderment.

Again, it had nothing to do with the effort you were putting out.

Robust effort is how to do it on dating sites.

Too many people are lazy in how they go about online dating, putting little effort in and wondering why they aren’t getting the right matches or any for that matter.

You did right in exerting the effort you did.

It was just that he didn’t feel the romantic chemistry he desired so as to go on talking to you.

Different people look for different elements when it comes to conversation.

For you, the text conversations were giving you the right romantic vibes.

For him, those romantic vibes were nonexistent.

What works for you in conversation isn’t necessarily what works for him.

He was looking for something else in those text conversations to create that romantic spark and he gave it about a week or so to see if it would suffice.

It didn’t, so he let the conversation go.

True, it never feels good to be suddenly ignored by someone who was as recently as a few days ago having robust and fun text conversations with you.

Nonetheless, to continue the conversation with you would have been a waste of his time and yours.

He didn’t see any reason to believe that a romantic spark was possible in another week or two of conversation.

Everyone’s love language is different.

What was working for you in these text conversations that led you to believe that there was romantic chemistry wasn’t mutual.

This has nothing to do with you.

So don’t take his disappearance as a sign that putting out the effort in texting conversations on dating sites turns guys off.

On the contrary.

Stop overthinking this.

The next guy you talk to could feel a mutual romantic spark with you, so get to it.