Online Dating: Tinder Is Killing My Self-Confidence

Online Dating: Tinder Is Killing My Self-Confidence

Tinder hasn’t been doing you any favors in the love department.

Your status as a Tinder premium subscriber has done little to help either.

You may have perks such as unlimited likes, adding a note to every super like or free monthly boosts to your dating profile, but none of that has done anything to improve your situation.

The matches you receive never lead to a date or a meaningful conversation.

Getting an Instagram or Snapchat has been out of the question so far, let alone exchanging phone numbers.

Inevitably, this much failure has left your self-confidence in tatters.

You feel like Tinder is killing every shred of it with every match that never pans out.

This is giving you a dreaded vibe that you are predestined to be alone.

I hear you.

As a man on Tinder, know that your plight isn’t unheard of.

There are men who go through the same struggles on Tinder.

Before driving yourself crazy, be aware that on Tinder you are already operating at a disadvantage.

It is estimated that 75 percent of Tinder users are male.

That is a huge imbalance in the male to female ratio.

So, you can see how this disparity already puts you at a disadvantage on Tinder.

It means that the women on Tinder have a ton of options in men.

This allows them to be picky in who they talk to or go out on dates with.

Consider signing up on a dating app that has a more balanced spread of males to females.

I promise, you won’t have as hard of a time of it.

However, if you desire to remain on Tinder, there is a way you can get ahead of the men you are competing with.

Tinder premium does give you extra perks but they don’t do you any good if you don’t have excellent photos on your dating profile.

Tinder users are primarily fixated on appearance.

It isn’t about the substance of your bio.

Tinder only allows you to write about 500 characters in your bio at a maximum.

Your pics are your greatest commodity on Tinder.

Post a variety of them with you in different environments.

Look like you are happy.


Refrain from using group photos.

Have natural lighting in your photos and avoid close-ups.

She doesn’t want your face to be so close to the camera, the hairs in your nostrils are visible.

Get close enough, but not too close.

Shirtless pics are a bad idea, but it doesn’t mean that she won’t be taken or influenced by your fit body.

You should just show it off in a way that isn’t so self-absorbed.

Wearing a fitting tank top that exposes that fit body in a natural setting would suffice.

This gets the sexiness across without you going overboard with shirtless pics and ridiculous muscle poses.

And at all costs, avoid posting selfies.

Too lazy and unimaginative.

Girls pay particular attention to grooming too.

If you have facial hair, groom it.

Your photos are the key to Tinder success.

Don’t just slap a few photos on your dating profile and call it a day.

Keep adding a variety of them in the vain aforementioned until you start seeing better results.

This is when you realize that your matches are taking a keen interest in you and yes, you are finally getting her Instagram or Snapchat, even her phone number.