Why Do People Regularly Delete Their Profiles On Dating Apps And Create New Ones?

Why Do People Regularly Delete Their Profiles On Dating Apps And Create New Ones?

People are in and out of dating apps all the time.

They meet someone they like and get into a relationship with them.

They delete their dating profile as a result of having found someone.

A few weeks or months later, that relationship doesn’t work out and they create a new dating profile so as to find someone new.

As wonderful as it is to have found someone on a dating app, it can be a double-edged sword.

People don’t always give a relationship it’s due diligence.

They get really excited about someone they met on a dating app and become exclusive to them, deleting their dating profile soon after.

A short while later, they are creating a new one, after a short-lived relationship.

Sometimes, people don’t give their relationships a chance on account of knowing that a dating app is only a few short clicks away in case said relationship doesn’t work out.

Dating apps assume the role of an insurance policy so to speak.

So you see this consistent flow of people deleting their profiles and creating new ones not too long afterward.

When a plethora of dating options are available on a dating app, people often don’t put the right amount of work into their exclusive relationships.

The moment the butterflies have worn out and they have their first disagreement with their partner, they give up on the relationship and run back to the dating app, creating a new profile in tandem.

This is one reason why you see people regularly delete their profiles on dating apps and create new ones.

There is something else at play here.

The average person is on multiple dating apps at the same time.

Once they have a few favorites that are delivering good results, they delete the dating profiles that were on dating apps producing lackluster results.

This lessens the workload of having to maintain multiple dating profiles on multiple dating apps.

As is the nature of dating apps, even the ones that were producing good results eventually run out of gas.

So, this person, now stuck on a dating app that was once hot and has now gone cold, feels the need to create a new dating profile on a dating app they deleted a few weeks or months ago.

This is when you see their dating profile pop back up again on a dating app they have used in the past.

Dating apps are like hot potatoes.

A person may be on one that is producing lots of great matches and believe that it is going to last forever.

It doesn’t.

Inevitably, like a hot potato, the dating app goes cold and said person isn’t receiving as many matches or as many quality matches as they once were.

Consequently, they go back to a dating app that they had deleted in the past and create a new profile in the hopes of having better luck with it this go around.

For so many people who use dating apps for a sustained period of time, the likelihood they delete a dating profile and create a new one is extremely strong.