Why Should I Use More Than One Picture In My Dating Profile?

Why Should I Use More Than One Picture In My Dating Profile?

You believe that it is enough to have one picture in your dating profile.

It’s of your face and that should suffice.


One picture on your dating profile doesn’t give people enough to work with.

Yes, having a good picture of your face is important, but that is just the beginning.

People want to get a good sense of what your life is like and what you are like as a person.

Multiple pictures bring that to light.

When someone sees a dating profile with one picture on it, it leaves a lot to the imagination, and not in a good way.

Why only one picture?

What is this person hiding?

It makes them start questioning you in ways they shouldn’t.

When you join a dating app, the goal is to get people intrigued by you, compelling them to swipe right.

You aren’t helping your course when you post one picture in your dating profile.

This doesn’t mean you won’t receive messages or interest.

As long as your picture is well-taken and you are attractive, you will receive a little attention.

A little.

You would receive a windfall if you added multiple pictures.

Online dating is a numbers game.

Exposure to a plurality of people generates an increased amount of interest, which in turn, improves the potential of meeting the right match for you.

In reducing the number of people who would have been interested in you to just a few, you are narrowing your chances of meeting the right match.

Why do this to yourself when the intention of joining a dating app is to meet a good match?

Not only does having one picture on your dating profile dramatically reduce the number of people who would be willing to swipe right on your dating profile, it makes you look bad to the matching algorithm.

The matching algorithm is responsible for matching your dating profile with the best prospects.

Algorithms on dating apps are sensitive and often follow the same pattern.

They respond to dating profiles that are dynamic, possessing several pictures on them.

These are the dating profiles that algorithms go to first when they are looking to match a dating profile with someone else’s.

One picture on a dating profile doesn’t excite algorithms.

These dating profiles tend to be put on the back end of prospective matching.

This is yet another area you lose out on.

Not only are you turning off prospective dates by having only one picture in your dating profile, you are turning off the matching algorithm as well.

Something else you should consider is that when you use one picture on your dating profile, you are wholly reliant on that one picture to generate interest.

This puts all of your eggs in one basket.

On the contrary, a dating profile with multiple pictures gives you multiple chances to get the attention of someone.

This is a person who may not have liked your primary picture, but ended up liking some other picture on your dating profile.

Why take the trouble of joining a dating app and put yourself at such a disadvantage by having only one picture?

It doesn’t take much effort to have additional pictures on your dating profile.

Even if you are too lazy to go out and take pictures, a few good pictures taken in good lighting at different parts of your home, inside and outside, is still better than having one picture.