Online Dating: No Cops?

Online Dating: No Cops?

It isn’t mere coincidence anymore.

You have seen a greater and greater number of dating profiles belonging to women specifically stating that they don’t want to date cops.

These are statements made with conviction too.

One went as far as stating, “No cops, I don’t want to become another statistic.”

This has left you flummoxed.

What is it with these women and not wanting to date cops?

Sure, you can think of a few obvious turn offs in dating cops, given the nature of the job.

Not to mention, the fear of receiving a phone call one day informing her that her cop husband or boyfriend has been gravely injured or killed in a shootout.

Notwithstanding, these statements go much deeper.

It feels like these women have something against cops and you are perplexed as to why this is.

Aren’t cops the good guys?

Don’t they protect our communities?

Becoming a police officer has always been one of the most popular career paths that kids wanted to take upon growing up.

Has that changed?

Why all the hate for cops?

You are right.

There has been an increase in the number of dating profiles that specifically state that they aren’t looking to date a cop.

Much of this has stemmed from the negative portrayal of cops in the media.

Think about it.

How often do you watch news media and see a positive story about cops?

Not that often.

There are a lot more negative stories about cops than there are positive and this is unfortunate.

Going after cops has become a blood sport.

There was a shooting somewhere and a civilian was killed?

Blame the cop.

There was a mugging somewhere and a civilian got hurt?

Blame the cop.

There was a riot somewhere and several marauding civilians were arrested?

Blame the cop.

There is no accountability anymore for our actions.

Cops have become the scapegoat.

It is easier to point at cops as the problem so as to take away responsibility from what we do as civilians.

The news media has made cops out to be the bad guy because they are an easy target.

These women have been influenced by what they see and hear in the news media and that has seeped into their perspective on who they should date.

Her disqualification of cops is based on a false narrative that cops do more harm than they do good.

This is completely ludicrous.

The same woman would be calling the cops the moment her life is threatened were someone to break into her home.

But somehow, the news media has her convinced that cops are the bad guys.

Unfortunately, the specter around cops has been politicized.

The left sees cops as devils and the right sees cops as enforcers.

There is a good chance that the women who specifically state that they don’t want to date cops on their dating profiles are on the left in their politics.

Staunchly left.

Are you left-leaning in the political spectrum?

Women like these typically have a litany of left-leaning ideologies they espouse.

Not wanting to date cops is just a slice of it.

If you aren’t staunchly left-leaning in your politics, these women may not be a good match for you.