I Tried A Dating App And All The Men Only Want Sex?

I Tried A Dating App And All The Men Only Want Sex?

Signing up on any dating app without doing your research first on which ones are best for serious relationships versus casual hookups isn’t a smart idea.

Some dating apps are primarily geared towards sexual relationships and others are primarily geared towards serious relationships.

Do some research on the dating app you signed up on.

You might have tried a dating app that caters to those looking for casual sex and hookups.

Something else you should look into is what you are doing with your dating profile.

What types of photos do you have on them and what did you write in your bio?

Oftentimes, a woman attracts men who are only looking for sex when she uses sexy or provocative photos on her dating profile, or photos that show her partying.

Is this what you are doing with your photos?

Obviously, you need to change this.

A bunch of photos in sexy outfits attracts men who are only looking for sex like flies.

They get the impression that you are on the dating app for casual fun based on your sexy photos and believe that it is alright for them to go after you in the hopes of getting casual sex from you.

Same thing applies to photos of you partying.

When you post photos of yourself at nightclubs and bars partying it up with your girlfriends, the impression you give off is that of a girl who is looking for casual fun.

Consequently, you attract the men who are looking to party too.

They want casual fun in the hopes of that leading to casual sex.

What are you writing in your bios?

This part of your dating profile can’t be taken lightly.

When you don’t write about anything of substance, it attracts men who aren’t on the dating app in search of a substantive relationship.

A bio that consists of a few short sentences that don’t say much about who you are as a person attracts men who have the same kind of bio.

A bio without substance.

When they see that you don’t have any substance in your bio, they make the assumption that you aren’t on the dating app in search of a serious relationship.

This encourages them to seek out a casual relationship with you, believing that you are only on the dating app for casual fun.

Besides the photos you use and what you write on your bio, you need to be cognizant of the times that you are actively using the dating app.

Are you mostly logging into it at late night or early morning hours?

The times that you are actively engaged on a dating app have a lot to do with who you attract.

Men who are only on dating apps for sex tend to be more aggressive later at night.

It’s nighttime and they are off work looking to unwind by seeking out someone to have casual sex with.

Opening up a dating app late at night as he sits at home or a nightclub somewhere, bored, is extremely fitting, given his frame of mind.

He does so and there you are.

He sees that you are active and instantly thinks that you must be awake this late because you are looking for sex.

Before you know it, he is messaging you, looking to flirt online in the hopes that it leads to a face to face late night rendezvous for sex, or at the least, phone sex.

Men who are on dating apps into the late night and early morning are normally in search of sex.

To avoid these men, you need to use your dating app at opportune times where men who aren’t only looking for sex are actively using them.

During the day, lunchtime, around 12pm, is a good time to catch a few of these men.

However, the majority of them are actively on dating apps when they are off work, between 6pm and 9pm.

Those are the best times to be actively on dating apps with the intention of meeting men who aren’t only looking for sex.