Online Dating: Why Do Guys Want To Meet So Quickly?

Online Dating: Why Do Guys Want To Meet So Quickly?

There are guys on dating apps in search of sex.

He doesn’t want to take the time to get to know you on a dating app when sex is all he wants.

In requesting to meet with you this quickly, he wants to get the ball rolling.

Normally, he is asking to meet with other girls just as fast.

Guys like this are playing the numbers game.

He already knows that lots of women on dating apps would much rather have a good number of conversations with a guy before deciding to meet him in person.

He doesn’t want to have to wait that long.

In asking as many women as he can, he is hoping that a few agree to meeting with him.

This is how he overcomes those who aren’t ready to meet him so quickly.

This being said, there are guys who want to meet quickly who aren’t always looking for sex.

This is a guy that is worried that the longer he talks to you on the dating app, the greater the chances you lose interest and stop responding to his messages.

He has experienced this time and time again on dating apps.

He matches with a woman, is having pleasant conversations with her and everything looks like it is on the up and up.

Then, one day, she doesn’t respond to his message.

He waits it out for a few hours, but as the day is drawing to a close, he realizes that she is probably not responding to his message that day.

The next day, his anxiety has doubled.

He spends his day waiting to get her response.

He doesn’t get it.

Several days pass with no luck and he is tempted to double text her.

He does.


Just like that, a girl who was having pleasant conversations with him has ghosted him, abandoning the conversation.

He asks himself a variety of questions.

Did he do something wrong?

Did he offend her in any way?

After going through the exact same ordeal with multiple women, he makes a decision.

From here on out, he is asking women he matches with to meet with him in person quickly.

He already knows that this is a risk, but he is tired of matching with women, establishing a good ongoing conversation and getting ghosted.

He believes that meeting with her sooner, even though it feels too soon to the woman, is his best bet for avoiding the soul-crushing nature of being ghosted by someone he thought was a good match.

Besides a guy looking for sex or a guy sick of getting ghosted, a guy wants to meet quickly out of the fear that you are either a catfish or a scammer.

Being that dating apps are overpopulated with guys in comparison to women, they are often the victims of catfishing and scams.

A guy is already at a deficiency in terms of how few matches he receives on a dating app in comparison to women.

This forces him to feel a level of desperation.

Catfishes and scammers know that men especially, in such a desperate state, are prime candidates for scams.

A guy receiving a handful of matches on any given day and each and every one of them belonging to a catfish or scammer isn’t unusual on dating apps.

After having been at the receiving end of this for months on end on a dating app, a guy develops a hyper-internalized self-defense mechanism.

He sees every dating profile, especially of an attractive woman, as suspicious.

Once he is matched, he asks to meet with her really quickly so that he isn’t a victim of yet another scam to steal his time, money or identity.

A catfish or scammer isn’t ever meeting him in real life.