Online Dating: When To Give Up On A Conversation?

Online Dating: When To Give Up On A Conversation?

It feels like you are pulling teeth just to keep the conversation interesting and alive.

It started well enough.

You two matched on a dating site and the conversation was run-of-the-mill fine.

Now, things have changed.

The conversation isn’t as fluid, as he is taking longer to respond.

When he does respond, there is no life to it.

It’s one line or phrase.

His curiosity seems to have faded as he isn’t asking you questions like he did in the beginning.

You are the one who is forcing this conversation to stay alive and it’s becoming like an unpleasant job.

Isn’t conversation between two strangers on a dating site who are gauging each other for romantic potential supposed to be fun?

With how this is unfolding, you two might as well be two retirees at a retirement home struggling to keep a conversation alive.

You are right.

Conversation is supposed to be fun.

This is a new person you are getting to know for the first time.

There should be a degree of excitement that comes with that in tandem with a curiosity factor that infuses your conversations with robust energy.

The fact that you are already thinking about giving up on this conversation says a lot for how it is devoid of energy.

This is often a reflection of chemistry, a lack there of.

Think about the last romantic relationship you had and what the courting stage was like.

It was energetic.

It was akin to two kids unwrapping a present every time you talked to each other.

The excitement was palpable, anticipating what was behind every wrapping.

That was because there was chemistry.

It was translated in what you two talked about and for how long.

Breaks in-between, while you were busy with your daily activities, were filled with thoughts of each other.

You were excited about him and he was excited about you.

You couldn’t wait to talk to him again.

That is chemistry.

No doubt, you haven’t experienced any of this with this current guy.

You haven’t been going about your day filled with thoughts about him, giddy about what you will learn next.

If anything, you have probably been dreading the next drab and uninspired conversation you have with him.

This isn’t any fun.

It completely pales in comparison to what you know courtship to be.

That spark simply isn’t there.

When there is true chemistry with a guy of romantic potential, you aren’t sitting around wondering whether you should give up on a conversation you are having with him on a dating site.

On the contrary, you can’t wait to talk to him again.

Guys are naturally the aggressors in courtship.

They set the tone.

When a guy is interested in a woman, he puts out the effort in conversation and it never feels like it is forced.

You instantly sense his enthusiasm in the conversations he has with you based on what he says and how he says it.

This guy isn’t giving you any of that.

At least, not anymore.

Yes, this is when you give up on a conversation.