Online Dating: I Like Her, But She Didn’t Say Thank You Either Time I Paid For Dinner. Red Flag?

Online Dating: I Like Her, But She Didn't Say Thank You Either Time I Paid For Dinner. Red Flag?

It happened twice.

You may have met her on a dating site, but she is a human being who was raised by parents in the real world.

Undoubtedly, she knows that she ought to say thank you when someone has paid for her dinner.

What did our parents ask us as children whenever someone performed an act of kindness towards us?

Like clockwork, they said, “What do you say?”

It was imbedded in our brains as children and stays with us into adulthood.

She knows what to say when someone has done a kind deed to her.

It wasn’t a fluke when she didn’t thank you the first time you paid for dinner, being that she did it again on a following date.

This behavior is a red flag.

It shows that she bears a sense of entitlement and doesn’t believe that she should thank you for your kindness.

In her mind, you are getting the benefit of her presence at the date.

There are a million other guys vying for her on the dating site and she could be out on a date with any one of them and yet, she chose to be out on a date with you.

So, you should be grateful.

Listen, I get it, you like her.

She is attractive.

That is a major plus in your book.

In addition, she laughs at your jokes and has a bunch of common interests in conjunction with your own.

Though you have been feeling good about her thus far, you mustn’t let this cloud your judgment.

Men struggle with getting matches on dating sites.

When they finally get one and she has stuck around, it’s such a relief that they overlook serious flaws that are clearly red flags.

They make themselves believe that these are minor issues, not worthy of consideration.

It isn’t long before they realize that they should have heeded those early warning signs.

After weeks or months of taking her out and sacrificing his time and money, her red flags only got worse and now the prospect of having a healthy romantic relationship with her isn’t realistic.

You don’t want to be the guy who keeps overlooking the red flags, hoping that somehow they go away and that it is a happily-ever-after for the two of you.

It gets worse.

Not hearing a thank you from her is just the tip of the iceberg.

As you let her get away with her behavior, she is emboldened.

This leads to sustained narcissistic behavior.

She is breaking dates on you after agreeing to them beforehand.

She is insulting or denigrating you underhandedly.

She expects you to be at her beck and call and when you so happen to be preoccupied, she punishes you by not answering your calls and texts for hours or days.

None of this sounds good does it?

Well, this is what you are in for when you are interested in a person who believes they are entitled.

They will take as much as you give them and then some.

Be done with this now.

You don’t have to go down this road, ending up on the other side, bitter and depressed.

There are better dating prospects for you and they are just a right swipe away.