Is It A Red Flag If A Guy From A Dating App Compliments Your Body A Lot?

Is It A Red Flag If A Guy From A Dating App Compliments Your Body A Lot?

It’s a red flag.

Complimenting your body a lot is a sign that he is only interested in your body.

A guy who is on a dating app for hookups has this mentality.

He is there to find girls to hook up with and nothing else.

Although you like this guy, you have to take heed to what he is doing.

It’s easy to tell yourself that he is so charming in other areas and you two have so much in common, that it shouldn’t matter that much that he compliments your body a lot.

It does.

It’s different when you have the same intentions of hooking up.

But if you are seeking out a serious relationship with someone, this is a guy that is not showing the traits of a person who is also seeking out a serious relationship.

It gets confusing sometimes.

A guy states on his dating profile that he is seeking a serious relationship and yet he keeps complimenting your body.

This is where you need to judge the guy based on what he does, not what he says.

Guys on dating apps are known to lie a lot to get what they want.

They state that they are looking for a serious relationship on their dating profiles when in fact they are solely interested in hooking up.

They lie because they believe that most women wouldn’t take them seriously were they to be upfront about seeking hookups.

They believe that they have a better chance to attract women by lying about their intentions.

So, don’t be fooled when he states that he is seeking a serious relationship on his dating profile.

It’s a red flag when he is complimenting your body a lot.

Think about what he tends to talk about the most.

Although you have connected with him on other topics, think about how often he talks about topics of substance over superficial ones.

At first, guys like this act as though they are genuinely interested in getting to know you.

They ask good questions about your life and interests.

Once they sense that they have softened you up, that is when they shift from substantive questions to superficial ones.

He compliments your body.

It starts with one compliment.

He is testing you to see how you respond to it.

When you thank him and accept it, he is emboldened.

The compliments come at you with greater frequency.

Eventually, you realize that he spends a larger portion of time complimenting you and talking about superficial topics over topics of substance.

This further solidifies the notion that his intentions are to hook up with you.

Be wise to what is happening.

Sometimes, girls get too caught up in how good the conversation was in the beginning, when he was asking her good questions and connecting with her on similar interests.

Once the conversations have transitioned from substance to superficiality, take that as a sign that he never cared about getting to know you as a person.

His true intentions were always to hook up.

One last thing.

The photos you post on your dating profile are highly relevant to this.

Are you posting conservative photos or provocative ones?

Posting a bunch of photos of yourself in sexy outfits that show off your body attracts guys like this like flies on dating apps.

Be cognizant of what you post.