Giving Up On Dating Apps

Giving Up On Dating Apps

You are frustrated and tired of what you are suffering through on dating apps.

Sick of swiping, you are thinking about giving up on dating apps altogether.

Sometimes, you want to haul your phone across the room when you are on a dating app, struggling to match with someone you are attracted to.

Is it too much to ask for to receive a match that you are attracted to and interested in?

As much as every fiber in your being wants to be done with dating apps for good, you are hesitant to get rid of them completely.

With your luck, the moment you delete all your dating app subscriptions is the moment the guy of your dreams signs up on one of them, and you miss out.

This is one of the reasons why you stay signed on to these dating apps, holding on to the hope that a miracle match happens one day.

You aren’t getting any younger.

The days where you would run about town on the weekends, bouncing from nightclub to nightclub are long gone.

You haven’t had much luck meeting guys at work nor do you want to.

Workplace relationships are complicated and you would much rather avoid them.

Many of your friends have already paired off and are living the relationship life.

Although they have introduced you to romantic potentials in the past, none of the introductions worked out and as your friends acclimate to the relationship life, they know less and less single people.

It’s not like you are on dating apps because you love dating apps.

You don’t get enough opportunities to meet suitable dating prospects in real life.

And it seems like you aren’t the only one.

Everyone seems to be on dating apps now and it only makes sense for you to have joined in.

Notwithstanding, since you signed up on dating apps, your general mental and emotional disposition has taken a hit.

You get so saddened and depressed at your lack of results, it feels like you are worse off now than you were before joining them.

The frustration you are enduring is a phenomenon that many others go through on dating apps.

But giving up on dating apps isn’t the answer.

As you have gotten older, you have to get realistic on who you are capable of attracting.

You are not in your early twenties anymore.

The requirements you had in a romantic partner as a woman in her early twenties should be adjusted so as to align with the woman you are today.

The people who tend to have the hardest time in finding a partner on dating apps are those that refuse to see where they are at in terms of their sexual market value.

This term isn’t solely in reference to sex.

It’s in reference to a person’s value in the dating market.

The total sum of what they offer or bring to the table.

This encompasses their level of physical attractiveness, earning potential, social status, etc.

With an unrealistic viewpoint on what your sexual market value is, you are bound to continue looking to match with men who are out of your league on dating apps.

This is where you are repeatedly getting frustrated when those men won’t give you the time of day.

Do an assessment of your sexual market value.

Be real about what you bring to the table as a partner.

Whatever level you are at presently, not when you were in your early twenties, is what you have the strongest potential of attracting.

Now, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to get a man in the one percent of sexual market value.

But understand that every other woman wants him too.

This means that you must raise your game to have any shot at getting him.

Are you ready to do what it takes to increase your sexual market value, from your looks to your earning potential, social status, etc.?

Believing that you are just fine the way you are right now and deserve to be with the most desired men on dating apps, is a mentality that leads to a lot of sleepless nights.