Why Is It That Dating Apps Only Work For Guys When You Pay?

 Why Is It That Dating Apps Only Work For Guys When You Pay?

You are receiving a larger amount of matches on dating apps since you made a payment as a paying subscriber.

This has left you thinking that dating apps are rigged.

All they are looking to do is get guys to pay, otherwise, those guys are out of luck when it comes to receiving matches.

There is no doubt that dating apps want guys to pay for their services.

It is mostly guys who sign up on dating apps in comparison to women.

It makes sense that dating apps would want the demographic that is on their service the most to pay up.

It’s a business at the end of the day.

Yes, it would be nice if everything was free, including finding love.

But that isn’t the world we live in.

Besides making a profit, there is a very practical reason to have guys pay for the service.

It keeps the lights on.

Dating apps are expensive to create and maintain.

The technology behind it isn’t cheap.

If dating apps don’t get paid, who is going to keep the app alive?

I get it, it feels like a scam.

You sign up on a dating app as a nonpaying subscriber and it is slim pickings.

You receive a few matches at first before they quickly taper off.

Inevitably, the dearth of matches gets frustrating and you have no choice but to pay for a subscription.

Then a waterfall of matches opens up to you.

The idea is to suck you in.

Once you receive a few matches as a nonpaying subscriber, you hopefully want more.

Once you realize that you aren’t getting as many as you were when you first signed up, you get frustrated enough to start paying for a membership.

Again, the dating app has to keep the lights on.

It’s a business.

It has to figure out a way to get guys to pay, being that guys are the majority of people who use dating apps.

When you pay, not only does it keep the lights on and provide a profit, but it also enables the dating app to make improvements.

Some of the nifty features that you get to enjoy on the app is thanks to the money that many guys pay to subscribe to the app.

Also, the dating app now has the funds to promote itself through media ads.

You know what happens when a dating app has a successful ad campaign?

It attracts a greater number of women to the app.

With an increased number of women on the dating app, you have additional options for matches.

That works in your favor.

I understand where you are coming from.

It’s annoying to be put through the trickery.

You rather dating apps be upfront about wanting guys to pay, as opposed to tricking them into signing up for free under the assumption that they are going to receive a bunch of free matches.

I see where you are coming from on that and it would be nice if dating apps were more transparent with what to expect with a free subscription.

That aside, in the end, it is a win-win for both parties.

Guys that pay keep the lights on.

The dating app gets to maintain its platform, make a profit, and in turn, drive more matches to its patrons through media ad campaigns.