Online Dating: I Don’t Want Kids. Should I Put That In My Bio?

Online Dating: I Don't Want Kids. Should I Put That In My Bio?

The choice to have kids or not is a major part of a relationship.

Being transparent about whether you want kids or not is important on dating sites.

There are people who want to have kids and mention as much in their bios.

Others don’t.

However, having kids or not is a topic that eventually comes up, so it is best to get it out of the way early.

The last thing you want is to develop feelings for someone you met on a dating site, only to find out down the road that they want kids and you don’t.

That is soul-crushing.

In putting that you don’t want kids in your bio, you are making it clear to anyone and everyone who comes across your dating profile that the choice of having kids or not is already decided, you don’t want them.

And don’t be ambiguous about it either.

Some people play it both ways by stating that they are not sure whether they want kids or not.

This leaves an opening that doesn’t necessarily do you any good.

People could read that on your bio and think that they can convince you to have kids at some point as they get to know you and court you.

This impedes on the courtship process, making it seem like the person is more concerned about changing your mind on having kids than connecting with you as a person.

This is why you need to take some time to determine whether not wanting kids is truly your intention.

If it is, put that in your bio in no uncertain terms.

That being said, even though you put this in your bio, not everyone who matches with you would have seen it.

Yes, I know, it’s annoying, but true.

Some people on dating sites just don’t take that much time to read bios.

They might scroll through it but they don’t catch all the information that is being presented.

So many are primarily concerned with your photos over your words.

This means that you need to tell anyone you match with and start having conversations with on a dating site that you don’t want kids.

Don’t assume that they read your bio and already know.

The danger of making this assumption is that you could end up really liking someone, and hear them ask you whether you want to have kids several weeks into courting you.

By this time you are emotionally invested in the guy.

You never bothered to tell him that you don’t want kids because you assumed that he read your bio and saw it before matching with you.

He didn’t read your bio with that much attention.

Unexpectedly, you have to tell him that you don’t want kids, knowing that this could be his deal-breaker.

Keep yourself from this predicament.

Make it known in early conversations with whoever you match with on a dating site that you don’t want kids, and cover your bases.