Online Dating: When A Guy Takes So Long To Reply To My Text, Has He Lost Interest In Me?

Online Dating: When A Guy Takes So Long To Reply To My Text, Has He Lost Interest In Me?

A dating app has so many dating options, people get distracted.

Your text conversations with this guy were great at the outset.

He replied with substance and replied quickly.

At present, that isn’t happening.

He replies to your texts, but it is taking him longer to do so.

This normally happens when he gets distracted by other romantic potentials on the dating site.

You are not the only one he is having text conversations with on the dating app.

He is conducting multiple text conversations with multiple dating prospects.

When he is distracted by them, it means that his text conversations with you were getting stale.

He was getting bored.

The other text conversations he is having with people of romantic potential have been more interesting to him.

This doesn’t mean that he has completely lost interest in you.

The fact that he responds, albeit taking longer to do it, indicates that he hasn’t completely lost interest in you.

That being said, he is dangerously close to losing interest in you completely.

Think about changing the tenor of your conversations with him.

Have you flirted with him yet?

Guys are heavily responsive to flirting.

It doesn’t have to be explicit in nature.

It can be wholesome and fairly safe.

But, guys do respond to this.

If you don’t flirt with a guy after having several conversations with him, he gets bored.

As he is on a dating app, distractions are aplenty.

People are texting him that have the potential to capture his imagination.

Once this happens, he is no longer as quick to reply to your text messages.

These are girls who are flirting with him, teasing him, asking him interesting questions about his hobbies and interests.

Introduce this into the next text message exchange you have with him.

Flirt, tease, ask questions.

Do this now.

There is time to salvage this, considering he does reply to your texts, but takes longer to do it.

Yes, he is slipping away, but isn’t completely gone.

Give him a reason to reply to your texts quicker by being adventurous and unpredictable in the text messages you send him.

Also, so as not to waste your time, be sure that you know what this guy’s intentions are for signing up on the dating app.

Don’t assume that he is on the dating app in search of the same thing you are.

Some guys get on a dating app to have conversations with girls and kill boredom.

They have no intention on ever taking it further than that.

Guys like this are prone to get bored easily, as they conduct multiple conversations on the dating app with multiple girls.

Ask him about what his intentions are for being on the dating app.

Don’t be afraid to this.

The sooner you know, the sooner you know whether it is worth it to keep texting him.

A guy who is only looking to talk to multiple girls to kill his boredom, and get an ego boost, isn’t emotionally available to you.

This means that no matter how good your conversations get with him, he doesn’t have the emotional capacity to take it beyond text conversations.