Online Dating: Just Been Stood Up?

Online Dating: Just Been Stood Up?

Never in a million years did you believe this could happen to you.

Getting stood up by a guy you were talking to on a dating app.

This is crazy.

And yet, it has happened.

You waited and waited for him to show up but he never did.

You wanted to believe that it wasn’t real.

Surely, this guy didn’t just stand you up after being the one who asked you out and made the plans.

This is ridiculous.

You couldn’t imagine standing someone up.

It is the rudest and most self-centered act there is.

But, unfortunately, this guy thought otherwise.

Hold up.

Don’t get too carried away with how upset you are feeling right now.

Lots of people who meet on dating apps get stood up.

Take a degree of solace in that.

It seems odd for this to have happened.

After all, the two of you were getting along so well on the dating app.

It’s not so much that it was anything that you did.

The thing with dating apps is that people are frequently lining up dates with multiple people.

They make plans to meet up with someone but they have other people on the dating app that they have prioritized.

They want to go out on a date with the people that are of greater desirability, but they set up dates with those of lesser desirability, just in case they are unable to get a date with the ones they desire most.

Once they know that they are going to have a date with someone that they have prioritized over you, they ghost you.

That was probably the case in this instance.

There was someone else on the dating app that he preferred over you and was hoping to score a date with.

That person agreed to meet him, and he ditched you accordingly.

Don’t take it personally.

Getting stood up on a date by someone you met on a dating app is as common as apple pie.

It happens a lot.

So, you haven’t been singled out.

Dating apps have given people so many dating options that they lose their basic manners.

This guy took advantage of the volume of matches he was receiving on the dating app and stood you up once someone better came along.

Never even gave the date a chance.

Something else you should be aware of is the likelihood of this guy showing up again in your life.

It isn’t out of the question for someone who stood you up on a date to message you weeks later pretending like nothing happened.

This is when he has run out of matches on the dating app or the quality matches have run dry.

Once this happens, he is forced to message a match from his past that he ghosted or stood up.

Not because he has had a genuine change of heart and regrets what he did, but to temporarily use the person as a fill-in until he starts receiving a larger amount of matches.

Don’t fall for it.

A guy like this would only stand you up again.