Why Do Men On Dating Apps Continue To Use Pictures Of Themselves From Their Younger Days When They Had Hair, But Don’t Have Any Hair Now?

Why Do Men On Dating Apps Continue To Use Pictures Of Themselves From Their Younger Days When They Had Hair, But Don't Have Any Hair Now?

Pictures of themselves from their younger days reminds them of their glory days.

These men believe that this is when they were the most attractive and appealing to women.

In knowing that dating apps are often a superficial contest of who looks better than whom, these men believe that they have the highest likelihood of getting matches from women in using pictures from their younger days when they had hair.

He knows that his days of having a full head of hair are long gone.

He doesn’t have anywhere near as much hair as he did in his younger days, if any.

He doesn’t want to dwell on that though.

He believes that his first concern should be on receiving as many matches as possible.

He is aware that he isn’t being fully transparent and that he is showing a form of deceitfulness in using younger pictures of himself.

But, he takes solace in reassuring himself that once a match gets to know him as a person, it won’t matter that he doesn’t have hair, she would like him for him.

This is how he gets past the initial sense of guilt that comes with using pictures of himself from his younger days.

In his mind, he is still that guy.

His wit and charm haven’t changed.

As far as he is concerned, the only thing that is different about him in present day is the fact that he doesn’t have hair.

Other than that, he doesn’t believe that his physical appearance has changed all that much.

So, it’s not like he is completely deceiving prospective dates.

He is merely trying to avoid being judged too quickly for not having any hair, being that people on dating apps are so stuck on the superficial so early.

Besides this reasoning, there is another reason why he does it.

He hasn’t taken up-to-date pictures of himself.

He isn’t in the habit of having his picture taken. Maybe in his younger days but not today.

He tells himself that he needs to start taking newer pictures of himself, but in the meantime, he will post pictures from his younger days on his dating profile.

Many men use this excuse.

They don’t have any up-to-date pictures and have no choice but to use pictures from their younger days.

Even though he tells himself that he is going to take newer photos, several weeks go by and he hasn’t done it.

The pictures of himself from his younger days when he had hair continue to be on his dating profile.

The same pictures that he told himself he would change as soon as he takes new pictures of himself.

He is procrastinating.

Although he doesn’t admit it to himself, there is an underlying fear that if he were to take new pictures of himself and post it on his dating profile, he won’t receive anywhere near the same number of matches as he has been receiving in the last few weeks.

He keeps telling himself that he will change the photos, hoping to make himself believe that he legitimately intends to.

He never does.