What Is The Reason Why Some Guys Don’t Want To Write To You First On A Dating Site?

What Is The Reason Why Some Guys Don't Want To Write To You First On A Dating Site?

When there is a match, you are expecting the guy to write you first.

This to you is how he demonstrates his interest in you.

It’s not that different from how you expect men to behave in a real life venue.

Whether at a club or on the street, you expect the man to make the first move in talking to you when he is interested.

Dating sites shouldn’t be any different.

In this venue, he should be the one writing you first.

Yet, you have seen the opposite of this.

He doesn’t write you first.

It’s not like he doesn’t know that the two of you have matched.

He does.

You see him online for hours.

Nonetheless, he doesn’t write you first after a match and this has left you scratching your head.

Why do guys act differently on dating sites?

Why doesn’t he write you first?

The reason for this has a lot to do with the nature of dating sites and how men game the system.

Guys on dating apps swipe right on almost every girl.

He knows that he needs to swipe right on as many women as possible so as to increase his chances of receiving matches.

So he swipes right on almost every girl that comes across his path.

When he receives a match, he is now compelled to take a closer look at her dating profile.

This is the first time he is doing this.

He didn’t bother looking through her dating profile as he was feverishly swiping right on almost every girl’s dating profile.

Once he matches with you, he takes a closer look at your dating profile.

He makes a judgment on whether he likes what he sees or not.

In the case that he doesn’t, he doesn’t write you first.

Unfortunately, this behavior is prevalent among men on dating sites.

They are very swipe-happy, hoping to instigate as many matches as possible.

Once he is matched, he takes a closer look at the dating profile and chooses not to write her first when he doesn’t consider her to be as attractive as he would want.

You aren’t the only girl who is left scratching her head when a guy doesn’t write her first.

Given that these men are indiscriminately swiping right, they put every girl they match with on a priority list.

There are girls that he is a lot more interested in matching with than others.

When you are a girl that isn’t high on his priority list, he doesn’t write you first.

His interest level in you is fairly low.

Instead, he writes to the women he is more attracted to first upon matching with them.

He hopes to connect with some of them and take them out on dates.

Only when those talks don’t work out does he look down his list.

There you are.

He messages you.

It isn’t unusual for a woman to receive her first message from a man she matched with several months prior.

Be prepared for something like this to happen.

It means that you were somewhere at the lower end of his priority list and he wrote to you as a result of his failure with the women who were higher on the list.

As soon as someone better comes along, he is primed to ditch you.

It isn’t wise to get excited over guys who message you months after a match.