Online Dating: I Am Not A Fit Woman, But I Get A Lot Of Matches And Likes From Men Who Are Really Into The Gym?

Online Dating: I Am Not A Fit Woman, But I Get A Lot Of Matches And Likes From Men Who Are Really Into The Gym?

It doesn’t seem like the right fit when you get matches and likes on a dating app from men who are really into the gym.

There is no deceit in your dating profile photos.

Several full body pics are in view.

You aren’t a fit woman.

You are obviously overweight.

This hasn’t stopped men who are really into the gym liking and matching with your dating profile.

These are men who are clearly into fitness, with photos of themselves working out and doing strenuous physical activity on their dating profiles.

That is why you don’t get it.

Why would men who are this fit match with or like your dating profile?

There is the fear that you are being liked or matched with by men who don’t bother looking at a dating profile as they swipe right.

You are worried that these are men who have no clue that you are overweight, as they play a numbers game in the hopes of getting as many matches as possible before weeding out those they don’t like.

The last thing you want is to get excited about these matches and likes, when in fact, these men have never bothered to look at your dating profile photos and are blindly swiping right.

The thought of opening a conversation with these men only to have them ignore you after seeing your full body photos terrifies you.

Your fear is warranted.

No one wants to get excited over a match, only to have the match ignore them after taking a closer look at your dating profile and realizing you are overweight.

It’s true that there are men on dating apps who blindly swipe right on every dating profile so as to run up the numbers.

Indeed, some of them swiped right on your dating profile.

Notwithstanding, before drawing a conclusion that this is the entirety of what you are getting, take a look at his dating profile.

What are his size parameters for what he is looking for in a partner?

Once you do this, you will be surprised to realize that a good number of these guys are open to women your size.

Listen, opposites do attract.

The next time you go out for your day, take a look at the couples you see.

You will see a good number of fit guys walking hand in hand with girls who aren’t anywhere near as fit.

These men love the gym, but it doesn’t mean that they have to be with someone who loves the gym and is just as fit.

Fit men who are into the gym aren’t monolithic in what they look for in a partner.

Making an instant assumption that a fit man would only want a fit woman is where you do yourself a disservice.

This is where a low self-esteem on your part works against you.

A low self-esteem forces you to think you aren’t deserving or worthy of these men and that isn’t fair on yourself.

Consider something else.

Several of these fit men weren’t always fit.

Some were overweight too or too skinny.

During this period of time in his past life, he was dating overweight women.

He has spent the bulk of his dating life dating overweight women.

Now that he is fit, that history doesn’t suddenly disappear.

Human beings are creatures of habit.

We take comfort in what we have a history with and are familiar with.

He has had a history dating overweight women.

That doesn’t suddenly change because he is now fit.

It felt natural when he matched with or liked your dating profile, given that women your size is what he is used to dating.