Online Dating: As A Tall Woman, I Am Tired Of Being Catfished By Short Men

Online Dating: As A Tall Woman, I Am Tired Of Being Catfished By Short Men

This is out of hand.

Matching with men on dating apps who misrepresent their height is becoming the norm.

Every time you are meeting a match in person for a first date, your heart is pounding, contemplating whether he has catfished you in misrepresenting his height or not.

You see him, and your heart sinks.

It has happened again.

As a tall woman, you are leaning down to hug him when you know you should be looking up at him.

If he had told the truth about his height on a dating app, you would be looking up.

He didn’t.

This is happening so frequently, you are getting more irritated at the dishonesty of the man than the fact he is short.

Getting catfished in this fashion is no fun.

With all the dating options that exist on dating apps, you would think that these short men wouldn’t have an issue being candid about their height.

After all, there are so many dating options on dating apps, there are bound to be women who are open to dating short men.

Yet, here you are having to deal with short men who keep lying about how tall they are on dating apps.

It’s hard enough finding a compatible match on dating apps, let alone having to contend with short men who are lying about their height.

You are sick of this.

It’s not like you started online dating with blindfolds on.

There was a recognition that running into a problem where men misrepresent their height was a possibility.

It was an awareness that meeting men on dating apps versus in real life have major differences.

When you are talking to a guy at a bar or social event, you can see how tall he is.

You know whether he meets your height requirements or not.

Not so much on dating apps.

Nevertheless, you thought that the sheer volume of dating options on dating apps would offset the incidents where men lie about their height.

Now that it looks like just about every guy you match with is lying about his height, you don’t think that the advantage of numbers on dating apps is working in your favor.

How do you avoid short men who keep catfishing you in lying about their height on dating apps?

To do this, take a closer look at the photos in his dating profile.

If there are group photos with him amongst several guys, take a look at how he measures up with these guys in height.

The average height of a guy is 5 feet 9 inches.

When he is repeatedly shorter than these men in these photos, he is shorter than 5 feet 9 inches.

Do the same with his social media, if you have access to it.

Look at the group photos where he is amongst several men.

Where he is habitually shorter than these men, he is shorter than 5 feet 9 inches.

Since you don’t have the advantage of seeing these matches in real life until you meet up on a first date, using this strategy of height comparison is about the closest it gets to verifying a guy’s height before meeting him on a date in person.