The Dating Profile Of A Match Is Not Visible?

The Dating Profile Of A Match Is Not Visible?

She is one of the few women you have matched with lately.

When you got around to clicking on her dating profile, you realized that it is not visible.

There isn’t an issue with visibility with the other matches in your match queue.

Those dating profiles show up fine when you click into them, but not hers.

Her main photo and name is visible in your match queue, but whenever you click into her dating profile, it doesn’t show up.

It’s a blank screen.

Why isn’t her dating profile visible?

There are a number of reasons for this.

For one, your match has requested a deletion of her dating profile.

The dating app is now in the process of removing her data.

Removing all of her data isn’t immediate.

It takes a while for the data to be completely removed, which is why a few elements remain visible in your match queue, such as her main photo and name.

Secondly, your match has decided to hide her dating profile.

As a woman, she receives significantly more matches on a dating app than a man does.

Unlike you, she has a bevy of matches in her match queue.

This bolsters the plausibility that she finds a compatible match in a fairly short period of time.

Although she matched with your dating profile, she was already in the act of talking to a number of previous matches.

One of those matches has captured her interest and she has decided to apply her full efforts on him.

To this end, she hides her dating profile so as not to be distracted by anyone else.

Thirdly, the dating profile of your match has been flagged.

When a dating profile is flagged, it has a complaint from a member or has violated the dating app’s terms of services.

Complaints and violations are a frequent occurrence on dating apps.

Her dating profile is rendered invisible as the dating app investigates a complaint or violation.

In this case, it pays to be patient.

Check her dating profile every few days to see whether it is now visible.

If this goes on for more than a month, take that as a sign that her dating profile was found to be guilty of a complaint or violation and was permanently deleted.

Finally, when a dating profile of a match is not visible, it has to do with your browser.

Some browsers work better than others in loading all the data of a page from a dating app.

The browser you are using is loading all the data for the majority of pages on the dating app, but not every page.

This is how browsers work.

Some do better at loading data than others, depending on how compatible they are with the app in question.

Run a test to get to the bottom of this.

Try loading the page of the dating profile that is not visible on multiple browsers.

If this is a compatibility issue, that page should fully load on a browser that works best with the dating app.