Online Dating: A Ton Of Matches But No Messages?

Online Dating: A Ton Of Matches But No Messages?

There are a substantial number of dating apps that have fake dating profiles and bots.

The matches you have been receiving aren’t all from regular people.

Dating apps are cesspools for fake dating profiles and bots.

Although at face value it looks good to have a ton of matches, not all of them are legitimate.

This is a reason why you have had no messages from these accounts.

To identify a fake dating profile or bot, look for bad grammar in the dating profile.

Fake dating profiles and bots often come from foreign countries that aren’t fluent in the language of the country the dating app is serving.

The photos on these fake dating profiles are too good to be true.

The person is really attractive.

Every photo is suggestive in nature, giving you a good look at the person’s fit physicality.

Besides fake dating profiles and bots, there are men on dating apps who play the numbers game.

Given that men don’t get anywhere near as many matches on dating apps as women do, many men swipe right on every dating profile, or almost every dating profile.

This strategy gets them a much greater number of matches than what they would normally get.

When a guy does this, he isn’t paying close attention to the dating profiles he is swiping right on.

Matching with him doesn’t mean that you have matched with someone who is interested in you.

You are merely a dating profile that he swiped right on without paying that much attention.

Once there is a match and he takes a closer look at your dating profile, he chooses not to message.

He isn’t that attracted to you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the one who messages him first either.

As long as he doesn’t find you attractive, he ignores your message.

This is an ordeal you have probably already experienced.

Unfortunately, a guy who is swiping right indiscriminately isn’t thinking about how selfish it is to do this without any consideration of the matches he has very lukewarm interest in.

He is selfish.

Wholly concerned with swiping right on a multitude of dating profiles, so that he increases the number of matches he gets.

He has been doing this on dating apps for a while.

Once he matches with you and chooses not to message you, or respond to a message you send him, he puts your dating profile on the back burner.

He is intent on messaging the women he is most attracted to.

Should it not work out with them, he is doubling back to your dating profile.

A few months from now, you receive a message from one of these men saying hello.

Don’t fall for it.

The only reason why he would message you this late is because the women he matched with, that he prioritized over you, lost interest in him.

If you were to message him back and let him court you, you are tempting fate.

A guy like this is sure to abandon his courtship of you the moment a match that he is more attracted to shows up.