Online Dating: Matches Don’t Find Me Attractive IRL?

Online Dating: Matches Don't Find Me Attractive IRL?

No matter how good your conversations are with women you match with on dating apps, whenever you have arranged a date and met said women in real life (IRL), they aren’t attracted to you.

Unfortunately, this is a constant issue you are having with matches you connect with online and consequently meet in person.

There is nothing misleading about your dating profile photos.

There are no filters or creative angles to your photos.

You aren’t deceiving anyone with them.

They are well-lit and candid, representing exactly what you look like in present day.

Your matches haven’t been shy about telling you why they lost interest after meeting you in person.

They weren’t physically attracted to you.

And you don’t blame them.

People should date what they are attracted to.

That being said, you are in a tough seemingly impossible situation.

Although you have every intention on working on whatever requires improvement, whether it be your emotional intelligence, body, styling, personal hygiene, hair, etc., there isn’t much you can do with your face.

Yes, you are right, short of having plastic surgery on your face, there isn’t too much you can do with your face.

Obviously, grooming is important.

I am assuming that you are sporting a good haircut and facial grooming whenever you meet your matches in real life.

Although it seems like there is no way out of this, there is.

Since your matches are constantly disappointed by how you look in real life, even though your photos are candid and legitimate, you should consider using a different method of meeting a relationship partner that isn’t so reliant on your looks.

Consider signing up on apps that are built around group activities and friendships.

Finding a relationship partner isn’t a sprint.

There is no hurry.

Focus instead on building relationships with people you meet for group activities and friendships.

There are apps online such as Meetup that are designed for people to meet up and participate in a shared interest as a group activity.

Friendship apps such as Yubo is a social live-streaming platform that let’s you swipe to find new friends and get to know them better through chatting, with an aspiration that you get along well enough to set up a meeting in person in the foreseeable future.

These online apps aren’t designed for dating per se, but they are an excellent avenue by which you have the potential to meet a relationship partner.

Although so many people have the notion that dating apps are the lone path to go about finding a partner, they aren’t.

Regardless of the preponderance of dating apps, the traditional means of finding relationship partners that have existed since the dawn of man still exist.

The majority of people meet their partners through friends, work, school, or dating apps.

Finding romance through friendships is one of the best avenues to go about this.

This is someone you have established a rapport with as friends, which makes a subsequent romantic connection that much stronger.