A Woman Blurred Her Pictures On A Dating App After Matching And Talking With Me?

A Woman Blurred Her Pictures On A Dating App After Matching And Talking With Me?

A woman who blurs her pictures on a dating app is sending a signal that she isn’t looking to match with anyone else at this moment.

This is a good sign for you.

As long as she is persisting in talking with you, she is demonstrating that she is interested in getting to know you specifically.

She is not a fan of talking to multiple guys at a time on a dating app.

Now that she has matched with you and is talking with you, she wants to concentrate her efforts on seeing how things go with you.

There are people on dating apps who are comfortable talking to multiple people at a time.

She isn’t.

In blurring her pictures, she doesn’t want to be distracted with any one else.

Being a woman on a dating app, she is getting substantially more matches than men do.

For loads of women on dating apps, the sheer volume of matches and likes they get upon signing up is overwhelming.

She has had to cope with this since she signed up.

Unfortunately, many of these matches and likes come from guys who are either looking for hookups or are terrible at conversation.

She has been struggling with this.

There have been so many conversations she has had with her matches that led to disappointment.

Some of the conversations started nice enough, until the guy decided to switch to sexting.

Other men were incapable of keeping a conversation going.

Every time she asked a question, his response was bland and not conducive to further conversation.

As a result, there were moments where she wondered whether online dating wasn’t for her, and that she was better off deleting her account and getting back to meeting guys in real life.

Then you showed up.

The conversation with you was refreshing.

You knew how to conduct a fun and interesting conversation.

You were adept at asking questions, heeding her responses, and asking follow-up questions.

Finally, a breath of fresh air, and she was so grateful for that.

She chose to blur her pictures to give her a break from the endless matches that end up becoming disappointments.

Right now, she intends to apply her emphasis on you.

Although this knowledge has a tendency to create a degree of pressure, don’t let that get to you.

She likes what she has seen in you so far.

This means that your personality should remain constant.

As conversation ensues, it’s a good idea to expand on what she has learned about you, but never lose the personality that she has come to associate with you.

Stay true to who you are as a unique individual.

Giving in to perceived pressure makes you susceptible to embellishing your personality, attempting to be someone you are not, with the intention of impressing her.

Don’t do this.

She sees through it, and you risk losing her interest.

As long as you are consistent in who you are, keep talking with each other, and consequently go out on dates, time will tell whether you are made for each other.