Are Girls On Online Dating Sites Just Gold Diggers?

Are Girls On Online Dating Sites Just Gold Diggers?

When you read her dating profile, she is talking about how successful she is and how she wants to match with a guy who can keep up with her lifestyle.

This isn’t your first rodeo.

This is just code language that gold diggers use to seem as though they aren’t gold diggers.

It all wreaks of superficiality to you.

You signed up on an online dating site to find a woman with substance.

It’s not like you are looking for a woman who is out of your league in looks and lifestyle.

You aren’t one of those guys.

In fact, you make it a point not to swipe on women who are excessively attractive.

Irrespective of this, you keep having to deal with women who are clearly gold diggers whenever you get a match.

Yet again, the code language ensues after a few message exchanges, as she uses this underhanded method to figure out whether you have money.

“What do you do for work?”

“Do you live in a house or apartment?”

“What part of town do you live in?”

“Did you go to an Ivy League school?”

“Do you have an advanced degree?”

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Code language.

All targeted at one thing.

To get a better picture of whether you have money.

With so much of this occurring whenever you are interacting with matches on an online dating site, it’s no wonder you think that girls on online dating sites are gold diggers.

To be fair to online dating sites, given the massive volume of people they attract, there are bound to be gold diggers in the mix.

Unfortunately, you have had the bad luck of habitually getting matched with the gold diggers in the mix.

Either you have the worst luck in the world, or there is something you are doing with your dating profile to attract these women.

Take a look at your dating profile.

Be careful that you aren’t posting photos that attract the women you don’t want, gold diggers.

Photos of you next to or inside an expensive sports car, whether you rented it or own it, sends the wrong message.

Yes, it’s your pride and joy, you worked hard for it, but you are going to attract women who see dollar signs the moment they spot these photos.

Photos of you vacationing at exotic locations and on a cruise ship, is asking for it.

Yes, you earned that vacation and saved up for it for a good long while, but all she sees is a guy who has the financial wherewithal to take her on vacations.

You see, even though you had no intention of conveying the message that you have money in these photos, a gold digger sees them differently.

Basically, she believes that you have money and is now motivated to match with you.

Furthermore, when asked for your yearly income as you fill in your dating profile, don’t enter it.

Leave it unanswered.

This is asking for trouble, as it attracts gold diggers to your dating profile.

Although you don’t consider how much you make a year as anything to write home about, you are still making more than a lot of people, as long as you don’t live below the poverty line.

There are millions of people who live below the poverty line.

And yes, many of them are gold diggers.