Coming Across Famous People On Dating Apps?

Coming Across Famous People On Dating Apps?

Coming across famous people on dating apps has a jarring effect.

The moment you see the famous person’s face on a dating profile, you do a double take.

Is this really such and such?

Obviously, whenever this happens, you don’t know what to think.

Nevertheless, one of your first thoughts begs the question of whether this is real, or is someone pretending to be said famous person.

You are right to be doubtful.

Given how rampant identity theft is on the internet, it’s smart of you to be doubtful about the veracity of this dating profile.

Your instincts are accurate, as almost all the dating profiles of these famous people on dating apps are fake.

Unfortunately, this is a scammer who stole the famous person’s photos online and using them in a fake dating profile.

There are gullible people on dating apps.

These are people who won’t question the veracity of seeing the dating profile of a famous person on a dating app.

Instead, he gets super excited to see the dating profile of a famous person and quickly gets sucked into attempting to connect with said famous person.

By far the majority of these dating profiles are fake.

That being said, there are a few that are real.

By and large, when there is a real famous person on a dating app, she isn’t that famous.

She isn’t a top-tier celebrity.

That, or she was formerly famous and has since lost the limelight.

In other words, you won’t see a famous person who just headlined a sold-out pop concert or starred in the latest movie blockbuster in theaters.

Not these famous people.

So, should you happen to see dating profiles with the faces of these top-tier celebrities on dating apps, rest assured these are fake dating profiles.

As aforesaid, the few famous people on dating apps who are real, are commonly low-level celebrities or once-famous people.

Even in this situation, it can be quite exciting when you recognize one of these faces.

An actress you remember from an old second-tier TV show that has been off the air for years.

A TV show you spent hours watching when it was on the air.

Right away, her image has taken you back to those days.

You remember how she brightened up your days back then.

Coincidentally, you had a minor crush on her.

Since it went off the air, years have gone by, and you haven’t thought of the show that much, if at all.

Until you decided to sign up on a dating app and was presented with her dating profile out of nowhere.

The nostalgia overwhelms you.

You remember how good she made you feel back in the days that her second-tier TV show was on the air.

Suddenly, you are feeling exceedingly giddy about the prospect of matching with her, a minor TV crush from what feels like eons ago.

Snap out of it!

Whatever TV character she played isn’t who she is in real life.

She was playing a character.

Too often, fans forget that a famous person they idolize isn’t the character they played in a TV show.

When you come across a dating profile of a famous person who so happens to be real, and fortunately match with her, you have a better shot of getting her to reply to an opening message when you don’t reference her work or a character she played on a TV show.

Fans frequently make the miscalculation of opening a message with a reference to the famous person’s work or a character she played on a TV show, and this instantly informs her that the person who sent the message is a fan.

Once she puts you in the category of a fan in her mind, she can’t see you as a potential partner.