Online Dating: He Tipped The Starbucks Worker On Our First Date?

Online Dating: He Tipped The Starbucks Worker On Our First Date?

It impressed you when he tipped the Starbucks worker on your first date with him.

In that moment, all the good feelings you had about him from the moment you saw his dating profile, to the moment you met each other on a coffee date, were confirmed.

He was a personable and kind guy.

The date at Starbucks was phenomenal too.

The conversation was great, better than the already wonderful conversations you had been having with him on a dating app.

The truth is, you are getting really excited about this guy.

Such a relief.

Online dating hasn’t been the smoothest path for you.

A bevy of misses.

Several conversations with matches that fizzled out.

Multiple nebulous proposals from matches to meet up in person that never materialized.

To be honest, you were already doubting this whole online dating thing.

And then, he showed up.

His dating profile connected with you, and you were back in it again, hopeful.

Everything has been magical since you matched with each other.

A second date is already planned and you are excitedly anticipating it.

You have good reason to be excited about this guy.

Tipping the Starbucks worker was something you weren’t expecting.

Having been to Starbucks several times in the past with an assortment of people, you don’t think you have ever seen someone tip a barista.

It instantly grabbed your attention and left such a good impression on you.

Okay, I know that you are excited.

I have been there.

That first date with a match from a dating app that went better than expected and leaves one hopeful.

I have been there.

Many people on dating apps have.

That being said, you do have to tamp it down.

Keep your emotions in check.

This was a first date.

People tend to be on their best behavior on a first date.

This is so that they leave the best impression on their date.

Since this is only one date, you shouldn’t get overly excited about how it transpired.

Tipping the Starbucks worker was a kind gesture, but it wouldn’t be out of the question that he did that to impress you.

Listen, I am not trying to ruin the good vibes you are feeling.

I, for one, know what it feels like to come back from a remarkable first date feeling on top of the world.

The reality is, you shouldn’t let yourself get too caught up in those initial emotions.

This doesn’t mean that he isn’t authentically a nice, kind, and personable guy.

However, you need to have several more dates with him before you get to determine this with greater certainty.

Not letting yourself get too caught up in these initial good feelings, keeps you from overlooking red flags that show up as you go out on dates with him.

First impressions are powerful.

A great first date makes you so excited about a guy that you don’t see the red flags in his behavior as you go out on more dates with him, and get to know him better.

Missing these red flags is what works against you down the line, after you have gone on many dates with him, and become emotionally invested in him.

By this point, it is too late.

You are too into him, and the red flags are going to be excused as they become more and more apparent because you have deeper feelings for him, and don’t want to believe that he has these shortcomings.

This leads to an unfulfilling and unhealthy relationship.