Matched With A Girl On A Dating App, But She Doesn’t Reply, Even Though She’s Online?

Matched With A Girl On A Dating App, But She Doesn't Reply, Even Though She's Online?

She matched with you on a dating app and chose to start a conversation with you.

Yet, she hasn’t replied to your response to her.

Whenever you log into your account, you see that she is online.

You don’t get it.

Clearly, there was something about your dating profile that compelled her to swipe right on it and start a conversation.

It is such a bummer that she is doing this to you.

You were excited to get a conversation going with her.

When you were presented with her dating profile, you saw that you had a lot in common with her and was joyful at the prospect of chatting with her.

That joy has since transitioned to frustration.

The message you sent her in response to her opening message was done right.

It was polite and conversational.

Why is she online and not replying to you?

This is as frustrating as it gets for you.

I have been in your shoes when it comes to getting a match on a dating app, receiving an opening message, sending a response, and crickets.

I have no doubt that the first time you saw that she was online, you thought that she would get around to replying to your message.

A day went by without a reply from her.

Consequently, several days went by, with her being online every single day, and yet, there was no reply from her.

As baffling as this is to you, it’s much different on her end.

She has an abundance of choice.

Being a woman, she is getting matched with loads of men.

More men than she knows what to do with.

Although she liked what she saw when she swiped right on your dating profile, she has seen several dating profiles that she likes more since then.

It is that quick.

Women receive such a barrage of matches on dating apps that the moment she has swiped right on a dating profile she is interested in, she has been inundated with dozens more.

You cannot begin to grasp just how many matches women receive on dating apps.

There is no end to them.

Regardless of her looks, she is deluged with matches.

These are women who are below average-looking, average-looking, or great-looking.

It doesn’t matter, she is getting a ton of matches from the moment she signs on, and conducting multiple conversations with multiple matches at a time.

Unfortunately, with this much attention, it’s feasible she doesn’t remember that she swiped right on your dating profile and started a conversation with you.

It doesn’t help you to get frustrated when a girl isn’t replying to you, and she is constantly online.

When you are this thin-skinned on a dating app, you are bound to have a very rough time in online dating.

What is happening to you is commonplace in online dating.

Don’t take it personally.

Should she get a lull in activity where her matches are concerned, it’s conceivable she doubles back and returns to the conversation she was about to have with you.

That being said, don’t hold your breath.