Date Online – 4 Reasons Why He Hasn’t Asked You Out On A Second Date

Date Online – 4 Reasons Why He Hasn’t Asked You Out On A Second Date

After meeting on a dating site, you have had the all important first date and everything went well.

At this point, you are positive that you want to see him again and you even mentioned as much to each other at the end of the first date. 

Now, you may be wondering why you haven’t received a solid second date request from him yet.

Since the first date, the two of you have continued to communicate via the dating site or through personal emails.

Yet, he has still not made a solid request.

These are a few of the reasons why.

He Is Communicating With Several Other Women

Now, being on a dating site is like being in a magazine catalog.

For many who start, the access to so many prospective dates can be overwhelming.

This may simply be a situation where he is trying to find as many dates as possible.

People use dating sites in different ways.

Some prefer communicating and dating as many prospective dates as possible by playing the number ratio.

Others prefer the slower approach, dating one at a time, see if there is chemistry and progress steadily from there.

If you notice that he is still quite active on his profile, then he is more than likely communicating with several other members and looking for dates.

The Thrill Is Gone

There is something I refer to as the “online dating thrill.”

This is when someone uses an online dating site for the first time and is full of excitement. 

They start communicating with you online and get even more excited about how all of this works.

The two of you meet and seem to have a great time. 

At the end of the date, you say your goodbyes and make light suggestions about a second date.

As he heads off to his home, he is feeling pretty good and is thinking that this online dating thing really works. 

However, by the time he gets home, he has lost the majority of the excitement he initially felt.

Essentially, he is coming down from his first online dating high.

Once that thrill is gone, he is either going to return to the dating site in order to find another date and recreate that thrill or get bored all together and return to the more “conventional” methods of meeting dates, i.e., through a social circle, night club, etc.

Using a dating site that offers a personality test will often help in avoiding these shortcomings, as they help in matching you up with someone based on both of your similarity and complementary psychological traits.

Dating Profile Photo Disappointment

This reason lays to bare why it is SO important to upload relatively recent photos of yourself on your dating profile.

These photos have to show how you look very clearly and not try to hide anything. 

When he finds your dating profile and starts communicating with you, he is seeing you as the person you represented in your profile photos.

If the two of you meet and you look different in appearance, i.e., your hair color is drastically different, you are years older, you have lost or gained a few pounds, he may be disappointed.

Though he didn’t mention this during the date, this can still be an issue.

ALWAYS have a recent photo of yourself on your dating profile.

Lack Of Romantic Chemistry

Romantic chemistry is usually a combination of both the physical and the emotional.

The two of you had a great time on the first date from the dating site and you thought that a second was very likely.

However, even though the both of you laughed and quibbled with each other, there may have been no romantic chemistry.

In other words, you were both able to get along so well because he was comfortable with speaking to you as he would a friend.

This is fine if friendship is what the both of you are looking for or if you are both wanting to build a friendship first and see if romantic chemistry develops later.

However, if he is not looking to do this, then he may not see the need in asking you out on a second “romantic” date.

These are a few reasons to take into account while you scratch your head as you try to figure out why he hasn’t made solid second date arrangements.

What’s important to remember here is that an online dating site does provide you with a lot of options on finding dates.

Don’t waste too much time trying to figure this one out.