Date Site – 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Receiving Messages

Date Site – 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Receiving Messages

Being on a dating site can be an exciting venture.

When you go through the process of completing your dating profile, you will typically start browsing.

After a few days or weeks of being on the internet dating website, you may notice that you have not received many messages if any.

You start wondering why this is and disappointment may start to set in.

You may start doubting that this online dating thing truly works.

Do not be too quick in drawing a conclusion. 

Here are 5 reasons why you are not receiving messages.

You Have A Bad Dating Profile headline

The headline on your dating profile is very important.

Some dating sites actually provide an additional service that helps various members with their dating profile headline, as well as with constructing their dating profiles as a whole, because they understand how important a powerful dating profile headline is.

You need to ensure that you put a lot of thought into it.

Oftentimes, this will be one of the first things that another member will see when they are browsing through profiles on the dating site.

If it is a bad headline, they will ignore your dating profile.

Therefore, take a long hard look at your headline.

Think about ways you can improve it.

Think about the type of person you are trying to attract and then put yourself in that person’s shoes.

What would capture that person’s attention?

Bad Primary Photo

You need to put a clear and recent photo of yourself on your dating profile.

A lot of people using dating websites make the mistake of putting up photos that are either unclear or are at a poor angle.

Always ensure that your primary photo is a full view shot of your face in good lighting.

Also try to avoid any distracting backgrounds for the primary photo.

You want others to be focused on you and not on the belly dancers in the background.

Negative Tone

Some people can use a negative tone in their dating profile essays and not even know it.

A negative tone can constitute anything from talking about how unhappy you are with members of the opposite sex because of past experiences to putting certain types of people down because they do not meet your criteria.

Negativity is a big killer on dating sites.

Most people don’t want to be around overly negative people and be a part of that energy.

As a result, they may ignore your profile and not send you a message even if they found your photo attractive.

Generic Dating Profile Essay

This cannot be mentioned enough.

If you do not provide anything UNIQUE in your dating profile essay, then there is a good chance that you will receive few to no messages.

When you write a generic dating profile essay, it clearly shows that you didn’t apply much thought or you are being too safe.

For the most part, people expect that your family and friends are important to you, you have a great disposition and you grew up somewhere.

However, you need to give them something more. 

Give them a reason why they should send you a message.

Think about it?

What are some UNIQUE experiences that you have had in your life?

What are some of your UNIQUE qualities?

Not Fully Engaged

It is alright to browse other dating profiles as you seek a companion.

This is well and good.

However, there are other ways that you can improve your chances of receiving messages.

The best online dating sites typically have several interactive features on their sites.

These could be blogs, chat rooms, magazines, discussion forums, etc.

These are great.

If you participate and contribute well to these, you will build a good reputation and will have several members beginning to take notice of you.

Several of them may message you directly through the blog, forum, etc., or they may click into your online dating profile and send you a message that way.

This is because you have sparked their interest in what you had to say.

These are reasons why you may not be receiving messages.

Sometimes all it really takes is a little tweaking here and there to improve your chances.

Many people find love and intimacy through using online dating sites.

As long as you take heed of these reasons, you will find it as well.