Dating Online – How To Create An Attractive Username

Dating Online - How To Create An Attractive Username

The username that you use on an internet dating website is probably the most overlooked part of the entire online dating process.

Many people often create a username without much genuine effort because they believe that it is not that important.

On the contrary, the username that you use on a dating website is extremely important and goes hand in hand with the effectiveness of the rest of your profile.

Here is how to create an attractive username.

Be Original

It would be such a wasted opportunity if you used a username that was just like almost every other username on the dating site.

Dating online should not be so bland.

In other words, if you use your actual name and then some number combination or if you use a nickname, you are being bland. 

Also, the same applies if you just put some weird meaningless combination together that makes no sense.

Being original in the username that you select will help you stand out from the rest and make your profile more attractive.

Being bland will only make other members lump you in with the rest.


By being original with your username, you will also be able to provoke.

Some of the most successful members on dating sites have the most provocative usernames.

“Provoke” in this sense simply means that you will be able to draw a reaction from another member of the internet dating site.

That’s what you want.

You want another member to react to your username.

By reacting to the username that you use on the online dating website, it means that you have captured their attention.

A reaction simply means that they find a connection to the username that you have chosen.

For example, if you find a creative way to include your love for a particular type of music in your username and this other member has the same inclination, they have instantly felt a connection with you.

Hence, your goal with your username should be to provoke a member to stop and take notice of you. 

Use More Words Than Numbers

When joining a dating site, some people get caught up in trying to look cool or trendy by inserting a whole bunch of numbers in their usernames.

This only causes a member to be somewhat confused and makes the username unattractive.

Nobody wants to be trying to make sense of some kind of equation.

It is always best to use more words than numbers in your username because it will make it more descriptive.

A descriptive username on your online dating profile is very attractive.

Words are easier on the eyes than numbers when creating usernames.

Therefore, take advantage of words.


It’s always to your benefit to try and keep your username on the internet dating site within 15 characters.

Some people make the mistake of creating a username that is too long which ultimately causes confusion to the reader.

When you use a shorter username, it gets your point across a lot easier and faster.

Relatively short usernames are easy on the eyes as well.

A member will quickly lose interest if they suddenly find themselves having to figure out what on earth you were trying to say in your lengthy username.

Therefore, do understand that usernames are relevant and integral to creating an attractive online dating profile.

Try not to overlook this.

It could make all the difference between a member clicking into your profile or completely ignoring it all together.