Dating Online – Should You Recommend Dating Online To A Friend That Is Single?

Dating Online – Should You Recommend Dating Online To A Friend That Is Single?What’s with this dating online stuff that everyone seems to be talking about?

You have a friend who means the world to you. You have known each other for some time.

You initially met in fifth grade, the work place, a public event, a party of a mutual friend, a church congregation or even a social networking site.

You both hang out quite a bit.

You know.

You attend a lot of the same social functions together and even have your friend come over for dinner at your place often.

However, there is something that nags at you like a tendril of hair that keeps getting caught in your face and no matter how much you slide it behind your ear, it keeps popping back into your face.

Your friend is single and has been for a while.

When the three of you go out on the town together along with your hobby, you know that your friend tends to feel like the third wheel.

Alright, there are a couple of options that you can use to help. 

Send your friend on another blind date and hope that your friend doesn’t stop talking to you for a week.

That’s what happened the last time you tried. 

The other option is to recommend dating online.

There are several reasons why recommending dating online would be the better option and would allow you to KEEP your friend.

Dating Online Is Very User-Friendly

Your friend doesn’t have to be tech savvy to join a dating site.

Several dating sites today are very easy to join and consequently take advantage of their services.

All that is really needed on your friend’s part is some internet access and a little bit of time to fill out a profile.

A Variety Of Themed Dating Sites

Whatever your friend may be looking for, it will be found while dating online.

There are so many themed dating sites out there your friend wouldn’t have any trouble finding one.

Whether your friend is searching for love, friendship, a public event buddy or even a chat friend, they are all available on these themed dating sites.

No Financial Risk

Dating online has never been more convenient for your pocketbook.

There are several dating sites that offer free trials or the use of certain features to non paying members.

This will give your friend the time to check out a dating site and really see if it’s right for them.


If your friend is the shy type, dating online does not require that they give up their anonymity.

Your friend can join a dating site and fully engage in everything it has to offer without divulging an identity.

In time, your friend can reveal more without any pressure.

Quality Dates

Remember those blind dates from hell that you sent your friend on?

Well, the chances of that happening again will be drastically reduced when your friend starts dating online.

The reason for this is because your friend would have had a period of time to communicate with another member of interest before ever deciding to meet.

There will be similar interests and a degree of chemistry already established before they even meet.

This doesn’t by any means guarantee success upon an initial date but it does increase the chances of success.

Dating online is being done by many singles today.

Your friend will thank you for it and possibly give you an invite to a future wedding.