Online Dating Profile – 5 Words And Phrases To Avoid Using In Your Headline

Online Dating Profile – 5 Words and Phrases To Avoid Using In Your Headline

Congratulations on your decision to subscribe to an online dating site.

Or perhaps, you are just curious about it at this point.

Either way, there are a few words and phrases that you should try to avoid using when you create your title headline

Your title headline on your online dating profile is what people are going to be looking to in order to decide whether they want to view your entire profile or not.

Hence, it is very important to get it right.  

If you want people to take notice of you and click into your profile, try to avoid using these words and phrases.


You would be surprised at how many online dating profiles use this as the entire headline.

These also come with variations as well: “Hi, my name is…,” “Hi there,” ” Hi everyone,”  “Hi y’all,”  “Hi people,”  “Hi!,” “Hi :),” and so on.

The reason why you should avoid using these is because they make you appear to be lazy and unimaginative.

It is a little too easy to use this word or phrase and be done with your headline.

This lack of effort shows through and most searching members will ignore your profile as a result.


This is another often used online dating profile headline.

It comes in variations as well: “Insert Headline here….,” “Catch phrase insert…,” “Insert clever Headline here…,” “Headline…,” “Headline…what?,” “Headline…seriously?,” “Witty Headline..,” and so on.

These may seem clever to begin with but they send the message that indeed you DO NOT want to come up with a catchy headline of your own.

If you can’t come up with a catchy headline of your own, why would you expect someone browsing to think of one for you. 

A member that is browsing will simply move on passed your headline to the next one that may be more creative.

True, not everyone can easily come up with a creative headline.

That’s why some online dating sites offer the services of professional writers to help you with this, as well as other aspects in creating the best possible dating profile.

With a team of professional writers working on your dating profile headline on your behalf, they could come up with something that can really grab attention.


You may be trying to be funny by using this on your online dating profile headline but it really does send a different message entirely.

You are sending the message that you basically have nothing to say.

No matter how rich and well-written your dating profile is, by using this phrase in your headline, you indicate that you are an empty shell.

Nobody wants to interact with an empty shell.

Sparking interest in the member that is browsing is so important.

Using words like this will only cause boredom in them.

What’s Up?

Again, like “Hi” this reflects a lack of effort.

You will not catch attention by being so unimaginative.

This phrase and the numerous variations it can come in only indicate that there isn’t much particularly exciting about you.

It makes you look bland even though you may be a very energetic and exciting person.

If you are not a bland person, then avoid using a bland dating profile headline.

Looking For

This is one of the most popular phrases used on online dating profile headlines.

It is not particularly bad in and of itself. 

The problem with it is in its’ simplicity. 

If almost every other 4th or 5th profile uses this phrase in their headline and you use it as well, then you are no different from them.

Obviously, you want to stand out from the rest so that you can receive a good amount of quality messages from other members.

Choosing to use a different phrase will definitely set you apart from the rest.

It is so important to be creative in your headlines.

Sticking to phrases that so many other members use in their headlines will not make you stand out.

These are some words and phrases to avoid using in your online dating profile headline.

You want to be able to stand out in order to catch the attention of another member that is browsing.

Oftentimes, you only have a few seconds to do this.

A clever and creative title headline will get members clicking into your dating profile.

Be different and apply some real thought into it.