Dating Sites – Does Lying About Age Improve The Chances Of Finding Love?

Dating Sites – Does Lying About Age Improve The Chances Of Finding Love?

An increasing number of people are joining dating sites every day.

This medium of meeting other like-minded singles has become very popular.

It has also spawned a new generation of people who assimilate online dating into their everyday social networking.

Since this medium is initially through cyberspace and not in the flesh, it can be tempting for some people to lie about their age.

This does happen.

Does this improve their chances at love?


There is a perception in today’s society that the beauty is in youth.

This notion is perpetuated in what they see on television, magazines and advertisements.

After a while of being bombarded with these images, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that youth is beautiful.

Hence, the more youthful they appear, the better.


This notion has spread into the fabric of everyday living.

At work, they may find that the more youthful representative got the promotion.

At a restaurant, they may see the more youthful waiters and waitresses.

At the grocery store, they may see the more youthful cashier.

In the gym, they may find pictures of youthful male and female models displayed on the walls as the ultimate sign of beauty and fitness.


It is with this mentality that some arrive at dating sites, fill out their dating profile and then omit a few years if not more from their age.

In their minds, if the definition of attractiveness is youth, then they improve their chances at love by misrepresenting their age to other members. 

They surmise that maybe they will attract more suitors this way.


By misleading other members, people put themselves in a position of losing that member due to dishonesty when that member finds out their true age.

And they will.

Also, by doing this they will attract people who thought that they were compatible with them only to find out that the two of them couldn’t be more dissimilar.


Lying about age can also cause a disconnect between their true character and that in which they have created on their dating site profile.

Most people like to think of themselves as good, honest folk. 

A person’s profile should convey their personality.

If they consider themselves to be honest in life, that should be the same message that they should be trying to convey in their dating profile.

Dating sites may be within the realm of cyberspace but they are still an extension of the person.

The Truth

What is preferable?

Lie about age and receive an increased number of emails which ultimately lead to failure because those members discover the truth and also discover that there is no compatibility.

Or, be truthful about age and possibly receive less messages

However, these are messages from members with whom there will be more compatibility and chemistry.

In a scenario like this, it is best to remember the old adage, “Honesty is the best policy.”

Increase your chances of success on dating sites by making the information you fill out on your profile as honest as possible.