Dating Sites – Paid Vs. Free

Dating Sites – Paid Vs. Free

You may be wondering if you should use a paid or free dating site in order to find the kind of relationship that you are looking for.

This is a time to really do your research so that you can come up with a decision that is best for you.

Both do offer their advantages and disadvantages.

Paid Dating Site – The Good

Large Base Of Quality Members – This has a large pool of quality members who are serious about finding what they are looking for.

Since these are paying members, they usually take the internet dating thing more seriously and are very active.

Excellent Matchmaking System – Paid dating sites have very good matchmaking systems.

This is good because it’s another way that can help make things easier for you as you seek your match.

The system will use your preferences to send you the best matches which in turn, saves you a lot of time and effort.

Less Scammers – Because it is a paid dating site, most of the dating profiles are real.

Many paid dating sites take strong measures to prevent fake profiles from being used on their site.

Some even enlist the help of their members to immediately report any suspicious dating profiles to their administrative staff.

In turn, there are very few fake messages being sent to other genuine members attempting to entice them to join some other suspicious site or gain their personal information.

Most people on here are genuine.

Many Active Members – Most members on here are active and paid dating sites often get rid of members who haven’t been active in months.

This bodes well for you and prevents you from falling into the trap of sending messages to members who haven’t been active for months and wasting your time.

Paid Dating Sites – The Bad

Price – Using a premium dating site comes at a price.

If you do not want to spend any money then this may present a problem.

Automatic Renewal – Most premium dating sites will auto-renew your account.

They do make you aware of this when you subscribe but if you aren’t paying attention you could miss this.

Free Dating Sites – The Good

Free – This really doesn’t need that much explanation.

These dating sites are generally free to use.

Fast Sign-Up Process – These dating sites generally don’t have personality tests or quizzes, hence it is faster to sign up.

Easy Navigation – It’s quite easy to navigate this type of dating site because there aren’t too many options or features.

Free Dating Sites – The Bad

Large Number Of Fake Profiles And Messages – These dating sites are notorious for having a large number of profiles that aren’t real.

It is normal to receive a large number of fake email messages from other supposed members pretending to be interested as long as you provide them with your personal information or visit a particular website.

Many Inactive Profiles – It can be very hard to tell which profiles belong to members who are active and which aren’t.

As is the case with many of these dating sites, many profiles belong to people who haven’t been on the site in months if not years.

These inactive profiles remain on the dating site to give the impression that the dating site has more members than it truly has.

Less Serious Members – The truth is that in life, you get what you pay for or in this case, don’t pay for.

Many members on these dating sites tend to have less detailed profile essays which tends to reflect their less than serious attitude about meeting someone special. 

With no real personality tests or quizzes to fill out either, there tends to be a non-caring and non-dedicated atmosphere in these dating sites.

Few Interactive Features And Matchmaking Capabilities – Because these dating sites are free, they typically have a poor matchmaking system if any at all.

This can make things a lot harder for you in your search.

These are some of the good with the bad when it comes to paid or non-paying dating sites.

In the end, it really depends on what you want.

Paid dating sites provide numerous opportunities in helping you find what you are looking for regardless of whether it’s romance, love, an encounter or just friendship.

Non-paying dating sites are free and if you don’t want to spend any money, then they may be the way to go.

However, do remember that these non-paying sites are limited in their scope and in what they can provide to you.