Online Dating Tips – How To Make Conversation When You Meet Offline

Online Dating Tips – How To Make Conversation When You Meet Offline

Oftentimes, you may come across a situation like this when you start online dating. 

You have been communicating with someone on an online dating site and the conversations have been going well.

The two of you arrange a meeting and are excited.

As you prepare to meet this person, you start becoming anxious. 

You realize that you already know a lot about this person and wonder how the two of you are going to be able to make conversation on your date.

Or worse yet, the two of you meet and after a few pleasant exchanges, you find yourselves staring at each other with nothing left to say.

There are a few tips you can use to help you make conversation.


This online dating tip is necessary because it is so important to be calm and relaxed when you meet your date.

Sometimes, this is easier said than done because you may be nervous.

However, you need to remember to relax.

If you are able to relax, you will find that conversation will start flowing naturally without a whole bunch of anxious obstacles in its way.

Relaxing simply opens your mind and gives it clarity.

When you have a clear mind, it is easier for you to find topics to talk about.

Discover New Talents

Maybe you already know that your date loves to play guitar or write songs.

In your conversations on the online dating site, the two of you talked about a lot in relation to this.

However, this may not be all there is to your date.

Don’t be afraid to discover new talents.

Ask them what other talents they may have or what they would really love to learn how to do.

Doing this alone will help to start conversation that can last quite a while.

Ask For And Relate To A Story

Maybe in communicating on the dating site, you discovered that your friend is close to their family and in particular a sibling, or parent.

You probably already know all their names and habits.

However, there may be areas that you have not explored yet.

Asking your date to relate a story from their past involving one or more of those family members is a great conversation starter.

You want to keep it light and fun, so ask for a humorous story. 

It could be a story about how they got one of their siblings to do their homework or tell a white lie to their parents.

Doing this instantly creates conversation that can be very interactive because in turn, you may find something similar in your own experience and relate your own story as well.

Talk About Current Events That You Both Love

While communicating on the online dating site, the two of you may have discovered a common interest.

For example, perhaps you both love a particular TV show or sports team. 

This is a good time to talk about the most recent episode of that show or the most recent game of that team.

This will help create a light and fun conversation that can go back and forth.

The two of you will find yourselves laughing and warming up to each other in the process.

Use Silence To Your Advantage

If the dreaded does happen and you find yourself staring at your date with nothing to say, do not be anxious.

This moment of silence could actually be an opportunity to make conversation.

You could say something funny in relation to it.

For example, you say, “Oh no,” with a fake, concerned look on your face.

Your date will naturally ask you, “What?” in response.

You reply, “The dreaded moment of silence.”

Doing this actually helps to break that silence and create conversation because the two of you will more than likely laugh at this.

This can easily lead to a candid but humorous conversation about awkward moments in dates.

Before you know it, the two of you may be relating past accounts of having had this experience and suddenly find yourselves laughing harder.

Making conversation offline can be a little intimidating at times, especially when you have gotten to know someone online so well.

Warming up to each other is so important in keeping a conversation going.

These steps can help with that and have the two of you conversing for a good long while.