Dating Websites – 3 Essential Things To Look For

Dating Websites – 3 Essential Things To Look For

There are a few things you need to look for before subscribing to a dating website.

No matter how fantastic that dating site may sound on paper, you still need to use these measures to guarantee that the dating site is legitimate.

Here are 3 essential things to look for.

Customer Service Contact Information

This is absolutely crucial.

You have to ensure that you subscribe to a dating site that has customer service contact information.

Usually, you are provided a few options on this.

You will either be given a phone number, email or  physical address.

You have found a much more trustworthy dating site if it has all three.

Legitimate dating sites will not try to hide their contact information like some other lesser dating sites do.

Finding these three options at the same dating site is a very strong sign of their legitimacy.

Privacy Policy Statement

It is so important to ensure that the dating site you subscribe to has a privacy policy statement.

A privacy policy statement is where the dating site goes about telling you what happens with the personal information that you give them.

On the best dating sites, you will get the full details of how your personal information is going to be used.

They will typically state that they safeguard this information and only use it to enable an easier online dating experience, perhaps through putting cookies on your computer system, so that they can track how you use their site.

By doing this they can send you better matches.

This is fine. As long as everything is spelled out.

Avoid dating sites that do not have privacy policy statements because they could easily use your personal information for other unrelated purposes.

Secure Subscription

When subscribing on a dating site, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that before you provide any of your credit card information, you are on a secure site.

There are a few ways you can do this. 

When you arrive on the credit card information page you can look up at the URL address.

If the URL address starts with “HTTPS” then you are on a secure site.

The “s” after the “HTTP” represents “secure.”

Also, another thing you can do is look for security seals like that of Verisign, The Better Business Bureau(BBB) or SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates.

Click on those seals to verify that they are genuine.

You can also look for a padlock or key icon.

These are usually found within the the body of the subscription form or at the end of the URL address above.

These all indicate that you are on a secure site.

These are 3 very essential things to look for before you subscribe to any dating website.

You always want to ensure that you are subscribing to a trustworthy dating site.

This will not only allow you to have more confidence in the dating site but also let you get on with what is most important, finding that special person.