For Men: Online Dating Quiz

If you are new to online dating, you will need to understand the process of communication.

Having this knowledge will help you in finding a date.

This Online Dating Quiz is a great way to prepare.

  1. I have noticed a woman I like, how should I title my first e-mail message to her?
  2. Just keep it simple and say “Hi” or “Hello”
    Be more creative

  3. What should I write in my e-mail message?
  4. Make a generic statement about her dating profile e.g. ‘You have great pics.”
    Ask her a specific question in relation to her dating profile e.g. “How was that …. adventure?”

  5. How should I respond if she does not reply to my first message?
  6. Do not send her another message
    Send her another message

  7. I have sent several interest signals to women but had no replies. Should I..
  8. Start sending written e-mail messages?
    Continue sending interest signals?

  9. In her first e-mail message, she leaves me her personal e-mail address. Should I..
  10. Send a response to that personal e-mail address?
    Send a response through the dating site?

  11. I have noticed the same interesting woman on one other dating website. Should I..
  12. Send her a message anyway?
    Skip her online dating profile?

  13. I keep receiving messages from women that direct me to another website. Should I..
  14. Immediately inform the dating site’s administrator?
    Block these women from contact?

  15. My most recent photos are a year old or more. Should I..
  16. Upload those photos to my online dating profile?
    Take new photos and upload them to my online dating profile?

  17. I have received a nice e-mail message from a interesting woman without a dating profile photo. Should I..
  18. Send her a response anyway?
    Ignore her?

  19. I am uploading my recent photos to a general dating site. Should I..
  20. Upload one or two shirtless photos?
    Keep my clothes on?