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Karina Cisneros

Hey, i have a similar case. But the thing is that this guy is doing this so he won’t loose your attention. He likes when you beg,call him and look for him, he knows he has your attention so if he stops calling you and looking for you he’s just doing it to keep you hooked. If you have feelings for him you should talk this out with him and be honest, tell him how you feel and ask him if he feels the same way. If he keeps denying what he feels, you know it’s up to him, not you. It’s becoming something toxic, it’s confusing you, so even though it hurts you might just start keeping away and im pretty sure if he’s hiding his feelings and sees that you’re no longer in the palm of his hand he’ll go looking for you, and if he doesn’t, why would you want a person in your life that doesn’t want you in theirs.

Just a humble opinion.