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Hi Kair,

You probably keep thinking about her because you found her to be very beautiful from the first time that you saw her.

However, you placed boundaries on yourself based on the fact that she belonged to a different community and race.

You may have placed this boundary based on what is expected of you within your own community.

However, this may not actually be a boundary that you entirely agree with. There was a part of you that was still attracted to this girl regardless of the differences.

When she kept on trying to get your attention and you kept ignoring her, this made you become that much more intrigued by her, even though you were trying to make yourself believe that you weren’t.

When you moved to another city, this caused a separation between the both of you which has now given you time to reflect.

You miss the attention that she used to give you.

Even though you are trying to look at other girls, you will keep thinking about this one girl because she is the one that you have shared some history with and you are also the most attracted to.