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Hi Sicebile,

Someone has to be the grown up here.

The long distance relationship has put a strain on your relationship with your boyfriend.

When he started pulling away, he started rebelling against it.

You responded in kind.

What that has now caused is the both of you trying to get the better of the other. So now, things have gone too far.

You should react by calling him and having a real heart to heart conversation with him about feelings.

He is struggling with this long distance relationship.

Initially, he may have thought that he could handle it. However, the fact that he has been pulling away, including his reluctance to come and see you when you came home, would indicate that he is unhappy with it.

Guys are often not very good with expressing how they feel.

They often choose to act up instead or just become distant.

Call him and have an honest conversation as adults.

Start it off by letting him know that you understand how difficult a long distance relationship can be.

Be open about your feelings and the mistakes that you may have made so far.

Oftentimes, this kind of openness on your part will make him feel encouraged to be more open and expressive about his own feelings.

Once you have this heart to heart conversation, it will be easier for the both of you to figure out whether this long distance relationship is truly viable or not.