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Hi Connor,

You should figure out whether you can handle just being her friend and nothing more.

She doesn’t like you romantically.

She had an opportunity to go out to dinner or the movies with you and she said no.

This was also after she had already broken up with her boyfriend.

She knows that you like her romantically but she has shown no signs of feeling the same way about you.

Even though she has snuggled up to you in the past and touched your arm and butt, this doesn’t indicate that she likes you romantically.

She has called you one of her best friends.

Girls will often get physically close to their best friends and even snuggle up to them because they feel safe and comfortable around them.

It doesn’t mean that they like you romantically.

There isn’t a chance for romance with this girl.

If you feel that you can have a platonic friendship with her, which is all that she wants from you, you can just keep talking to her as though you never said anything to her about your feelings.

However, if you feel that you will be unable to maintain a relationship with her that is strictly platonic, it may be best to keep your distance for a while, at least until you have moved on from your romantic feelings for her.