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Hi Benjamin,

If she is interested in you, she would respond to a flirt by simply flirting back.

She could initiate it by teasing you or giving you a compliment.

It is best to use a flirt that will require more than a simple “thank you” in response.

If you just compliment her on something that requires no more than a “thank you” response, that may be all that you get.

Instead, you should look to start an actual topic of discussion with your flirt as the instigator.

For example, you could start a flirt like this, “Ever seen INSERT NAME OF MOVIE HERE?”

She responds with a yes or no. You then proceed to tell her that she reminds you of X actress who was in that movie.

Assuming that this actress is attractive, you would be flirting with her.

This type of approach will often open her up to flirting even more with you during this exchange if she is familiar with the actress and likes her.

It could even lead to talking about other roles that this particular actress has played. In those roles, you may find even more opportunities to flirt with her by drawing similarities between her and this particular actress.

If she isn’t familiar with the actress, you may have still piqued her curiosity, thereby making her feel the need to look up that actress afterward.

If she likes what she sees, she may initiate a flirt the next time that she talks to you.

Perhaps she tells you about a handsome actor that you remind her of.

Another example of how to flirt with her would be, “Is it just me or have you never taken a bad photo?”

You could use this in reference to the pics that she posts on her snapchat.

This kind of flirt sends the message that she is attractive but it also gives her a strong sense of gratitude that you admire her pics.

This may give her inspiration to start praising how you look in your pics as well.

This is the kind of opening flirt that could easily lead to a number of flirtatious exchanges between the both of you.