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Hi Mark,

Yes, it is hopeless.

You have made multiple attempts to contact her and there has been no progress in terms of getting her back.

Even though she told you that she likes persistence, that is normally in reference to when she is being pursued by a guy for the first time.

In your case, the both of you were already in a relationship.

Hence, the persistence that you have now shown in trying to get her back is actually not the kind of persistence that she was referencing.

She has trust issues with guys.

Her last relationship was abusive and she has had a history of her boyfriends cheating on her.

She has no contact with her father who cheated on her mother.

During the course of your relationship with her, she has shown signs of insecurity.

She showed this when she claimed that you were looking at other girls at the restaurant.

She also showed this when she got angry about your attempt to hold her hand and show PDA after the baseball game.

There is little doubt that the history that she has had when it comes to relationships, whether it be with a member of her family or her romantic relationships have affected her ability to let her guard down and trust someone.

However, you were able to get her to lower her guard for a while.

But, with a girl like this, anything can set her off and make her put her defensive wall back up again.

This is why she reacted the way she did when she read the text that you exchanged with the guy friend that was rude to her.

This made her put her defensive wall back up.

Unfortunately, even if you were to somehow succeed in getting this girl back, the trust issue is most likely always going to be a problem.

You will find yourself constantly having to defend your actions even when you did nothing wrong.

She has to truly work on herself.

She should actually not be getting into relationships at this time.

However, she seems to need them.

After all, she started dating you only a few months after a two year relationship with her ex.

She may be the type who can’t stay single for very long when in fact she should spend some time on herself and try working on her insecurities.

Based on her history, it is likely that she will get into another relationship with some other guy relatively soon.

Unfortunately, he will most likely experience the same issues as you have.

These would be issues with constant distrust and shifts in emotions.

One day she doesn’t want PDA, next day she gets upset that the guy didn’t show her any PDA when she wanted it.

You have already experienced this with her.

She told you that she was falling in love with you, but she was not in love with you yet. Hence, yes, even if she felt half the way that she told you that she felt, she could still change her perspective on you.

It doesn’t take much to lose that feeling of beginning to fall in love with someone, if her fear of being hurt or betrayed by that person is much stronger than whatever feelings she had built up for them.

In other words, she would much rather lose you than go through the emotional anguish of being betrayed by you.

She may not have necessarily lied to you about beginning to fall in love with you.

Again, this was most likely when she allowed herself to let down her guard.

However, she never actually fell in love with you.

She was in the process of doing so.

Now that she has put a stop to it due to her insecurities, it is much easier for her to let you go and move on.

You should follow her example and do the same.