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Hi Luke,
Again it is so nice to hear your advice and opinion in this. It’s been really helping make sense about this situation. I do apologize for keeping on asking questions and bugging you, but it is a comfort to hear some outside advice and words.
I agree with what you said, and it makes me feel a little better to see that I’m not just being hopeful and delusional thinking something when it may be completely something else.
I do believe he hasn’t just forgotten about me, especially when you’re with something for many months. It is true that my fear gets the best of me and I start to think that it is over, that I won’t hear from him anymore and that’s the end of that. Especially since it has been a month and a half that we haven’t seen each other, and it’s been many weeks where we have been in this exhausting situation where I’m not even sure how it started and how we got to this point. On top of that, the more days pass and I don’t hear from him, even like a random snap obviously knocks my confidence down and all hopes of ever hearing from him again.. and especially when I think back to him telling me “please leave me alone”
As of today he hasn’t snapped me since last Saturday (not this one that just went by). And actually I did see recently he opened the Snapchat chat to see if I had sent him a message or whatnot but he hasn’t opened my Snapchat pictures since October 7th (even though slowly he has been opening them randomly). Like I said the more days pass the more I fear I have done something wrong, pushed him away and made him not like me or want anything to do with me. So it’s a horrible feeling. Obviously there’s nothing I can do anymore, I can’t text, snap or contacting at all it won’t get me anywhere.
Actually, I started snap chatting one of his teammates so I’m kind of friends with (and he is friends with him as well). I figured that would get his attention but not in a petty way, more like “oh wow she’s hasn’t been trying to contact me at all” and well I feel like that would get to him because he loves the attention and knowing he has got me on a string. Obviously I would never act on his friend or full on flirt so it’s more like a game plan. I know it seems childish and petty to do this but sometimes with people I feel like you have to play their same game cause that’s the only way to deal with them since obviously nothing else is working.
The more days pass the more I get an anxious, I know I need to have patience and men take a lot longer to process things.
On top of that it’s almost the end on October which mean the school semester will end soon on the first weeks or so of December which is super close and makes me even more sad to think this whole month and a half has already passed and we’ve been spending it in this situation where at first things were so good and we were spending time with each other.
I gues I just really hope that as time goes with him non contacting me at all day after day he won’t just forget about it. I know I am venting right now, but it’s just hard to see all this time go and still not hearing anything.