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Hi Noemi,

It is understandable that you would have these fears.

As time goes on without you hearing from him, you can easily become more and more worried that he will forget you.

It has been a month and a half since all of this began and all you long for is to go back to how it was in the beginning.

As the semester draws closer and closer to a close, your anxiety is increasing.

Again, this is all understandable.

But, it just doesn’t help you to keep thinking about this incessantly.

The fact that you are snapchatting one of his teammates just so that you get his attention is also something that may not be wise.

It will just keep you in the cycle of wondering whether what you are doing is having an effect on him instead of allowing yourself to move forward and truly live a life that is rich and rewarding.

Until you let this go completely and move forward, you will keep making yourself susceptible to the temptation of reaching out to him in some capacity which will only exacerbate the situation.

You have to disconnect yourself emotionally from this situation as much as possible.

One of the most effective ways to do that is to get busy with new and exciting activities.

Get to know new people.

Doing all of this will allow your mind to start focusing on something else.

Stay away from aspects of life that will remind you of him whether it be in pop culture or locations.

You actually have to make it feel as though you have truly moved on from him for you to have the best chance of him coming back.

If you spend every waking hour besides the time you are in class or studying, thinking about this guy, you will most certainly initiate contact with him at some point and possibly ruin any chances of getting him back by doing so.