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Hi Tyler,

If she is kissing you, she is definitely attracted to you.

She may not be doing anything else but kissing because she is just not ready to go any further than that.

She is a virgin and most likely lacks that much experience when it comes to doing anything else besides kiss.

She knows that she lacks experience and this may be partly the reason why she doesn’t want things to escalate or build up to more.

Any chance to build up to more may require that she become more confident and self-assured whenever the both of you get physical.

To help boost her confidence, just let her know that she is great and that you love kissing her.

This does a lot in making her feel safe and comfortable.

Do not get frustrated with her because she is not doing more.

She will be able to tell through your body language that you are frustrated and this will hurt her confidence.

Avoid being this way at all costs.

Only be kind.

Tell her that she is amazing and a great kisser.

Tell her that you love being with her.

This is how you will help to build her confidence over time.

If you are patient, she will most likely eventually reward you by doing more besides kissing.