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Hi Noemi,

This new guy that you met is worried that your feelings for him have already deepened and yet, the both of you never really laid the foundation of friendship before getting to this point.

He knows that he started his intimate relationship with you too quickly and now regrets it.

That is why he isn’t texting you as frequently and has recently tried to avoid seeing you as much.

He is worried that his relationship with you has become all about coming over to his place and sleeping over.

He just doesn’t feel like he knows you.

Being that the both of you have only experienced being with one other person, back when you were both in high school, he may not quite know how to navigate this.

He may have been friends first with the person that he dated back in high school for a period of time before getting intimate with her.

Hence, his current situation with you is quite foreign to him.

At this time, he just wants to go back to Canada for Xmas and have some time to think this through.

There is a good chance that when he returns, he is either going to ask you to just be his friend or he will start ignoring you.

In other words Noemi, he doesn’t want to continue this intimate relationship.

He hasn’t told himself that quite yet.

He is still making himself believe that he just wants to go back home to Canada and think things through first.

However, once he goes back to Canada for Xmas, he will have the time and space away from you to ultimately come to accept this decision.

He has already shown you that he is the kind of person who likes being by himself and doesn’t need or crave attention.

He knows that you are not like him in this capacity.

Hence, there is already a part of him that has gotten tired with the fact that you were always coming over, even though he also facilitated this.

In the next 6 days before he leaves, he is going to try to avoid putting himself in a situation where the both of you are one on one.

In essence, he may actually not even try to see you before he leaves.

He may message.

However, he just wants to put some space between the both of you.

It is best to prepare yourself for where this is leading.

You were worried about the prospect of wasting time over the Xmas holidays, thinking and waiting for him, with no definitive understanding about whether this relationship will go anywhere.

Unfortunately, it won’t.

It is best to prepare yourself now.

During the Xmas vacation, his lack of communicating will continue and get even worse.

You may have to be the one to initiate contact most of the time.

Again, once he returns, he will most likely tell you that he just wants to be friends or he may just start ignoring you altogether.