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Noemi Anaya

Hi Luke,
Thank you for responding and sorry about the long message.
I do believe that this guy does care about me and does like me. He is the one that initiated this whole thing, was obsessed with me while I actually wasn’t into him at first. He stated he wants to make this work and really wants to see if we will work out and wants to have a deep connection with me by getting to know me better and not have me turn into just a intimate relationship without the foundation. He always texts me to know how I’m doing how my day was, and he always initiated to wanting to spend time with me and we really have great chemistry when we are together. I do believe that we should have started the other way around rather than just jumping right into the intense part at first. So I agree with him with taking things slow and enjoying each other, to which he wants to keep doing that. I know that right now he is probably just thinking about going home and is really excited as he hasn’t been home in 2 years. I feel as if he might be scared as he has never been in this situation before and gotten this far with a person before apart from that one relationship back in high school to which we were all kids at the time so he knows this might be more serious regarding the stage in our lives. I know he has a lot of thinking to do to which I also have.
As for me, I’m just left wondering how exactly I am supposed to act and go about it now. He states he would of course see me and wants to spend time before he left so I will leave the ball in his court and have him reach out to me for that. I don’t think I should keep initiating hanging out from now on, as he knows that I would like that. He clearly stated he really cares about me and really wants a connection rather than just a hookup. Which I’m very happy with. It is obviously just hard to that if we aren’t making it happen and getting to know each other by hanging out and actually doing something about it as it is not going to happen by itself. I guess I am prepared for anything but I also do believe this guy has really good intentions seeing how he has been towards me this whole time.