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Hi Ste’Vie,

You should just leave it alone.

More than likely, he met some other girl on Tinder that he liked more and decided to make her his girlfriend.

The both of you were never together as an exclusive couple.

Reaching out to him to tell him that he didn’t have to do you like that would only put you in a position where you may get even more emotionally upset if he weren’t to respond or if he were to give you a response that isn’t satisfactory to you.

This would be the trap that you would be setting up for yourself if you were to go that route.

You could find yourself unable to let it go and may continue trying to reach out or observing what he is doing on social media.

This would really inconvenience your life and make it that much more difficult to move on.

Hence, it is best to just leave this alone.

He has now blocked you.

However, he may still reach out to you in some capacity in the near future.

This would be especially true if his relationship with his new girlfriend starts faltering or suddenly ends.

You should ensure that you don’t respond to him if he reaches out to you.

Doing so would only make you more and more susceptible to emotional manipulation as he proceeds to repeat the same cycle of behavior over again.